Recipe: Negative Word of Mouth Souffle

Recipe Negative Word of Mouth Souffle
by Rhee Gold

A classic first published in Dance Studio Life magazine

A never-fail recipe from Netty Rocker – (and one we hope you will NOT try!!)

Cook time: In some cases this recipe will cook quickly or it could take years.

2 tbsp Disorganization

4 tbsp Bad customer service
½ cup Favoritism
¼ cup Un-informed office staff or faculty
Pinch Gossip about other schools or teachers
4 tbsp Unenthusiastic teachers
¾ cup Total focus on intensive or competitive students
1 cup Unexpected expenses
3 cups Inexperienced teachers working with preschool or recreational dancers
Pinch Teachers or staff arriving late to open or start class
2 tbsp Not sticking to your own policies
1 cup Disorganized dress-rehearsal and recital

Mix the disorganization and bad customer service in a small bowl, place in the refrigerator for several months.

In a small fry pan, sauté the favoritism, un-informed office staff and faculty, along with your pinch of gossip. Let the ingredients simmer for two years or until caramelized. Depending on your cook temperature this could take a little longer or a little less time.

Slowly add your unenthusiastic teachers and your total focus on intensive or competitive dancers to the above ingredients, simmer all ingredients for another year.

Remove your bowl from the refrigerator, mix in the unexpected expenses, the inexperienced teachers working with pre-school and recreational dancers, then pour in the teachers and staff arriving late. Let sit at room temperature for the entire season.

Take all ingredients and mix together in a 9x12 bake pan at 350 degrees for a couple more years.

Let cool for several months, next to your no policy enforcement. Then frost with your disorganized dress rehearsal and recital.

Voila! You have a negative word of mouth soufflé that will serve hundreds of potential clients for many years!


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