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2-week course for the Dance Teacher

Foundations of Music Theory

On Demand

In this two-week course, Diane Gudat takes this sometimes dry and intimidating subject and injects it with fun and humor, so that you will be comfortable including it in your studio’s curriculum. It is designed to equip teachers with information for beginners through advanced students, in all subjects, with games and exercises for the classroom. This knowledge of music theory will aid students with musicality, synchronicity, and developing stronger attachment to the rhythms they are hearing. Time is spent on aiding the teacher in layering choreography, clearly expressing their rhythmic ideas and counting with confidence.

ONLY $49

Feel the Beat

This session explores easy and fun ways to teach symbol recognition for beginner and intermediate students.  It includes counting and clapping games and rhythm exercises. Time is dedicated to working with quarter, half and whole notes to build confidence with counting and constructing rhythms.

You've Got Rhythm

Lesson 2 - Sept 22 @ 11:00am EST

Working upon the fundamentals of session 1, we continue working with more complex rhythm patterns and counting for intermediate and more advanced students.  You will learn how to recognize time signatures and how a basic knowledge of music theory can improve your choreography.

  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring music theory into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!