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Our mission is to sweep the dance world with a wave of “positiveness” that takes us all to a place where teachers, dancers, their parents and the general public realize that the dance experience is about an awesome journey of learning and sharing. It makes the next generation more confident and appreciative of discipline, hard work, dedication and so many other positive life skills. Let’s also make it so the kids don’t have to worry about pleasing the adults in their lives by being the best. Let’s simply allow them to experience the joy that dance is. Have a great day—Rhee

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A collection of articles, thought-provoking commentary, classroom tips and strategies, smart business concepts, advice, and more. As always, Rhee Gold and his team will offer content to challenge the dance education field to hold each other and every student in high regard.

Fun Fact: Hip-Hop Style

Dance knowledge for teachers & students ?According to Duane Lee Holland Jr., the first professor of hip-hop at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, what are the five styles of hip-hop dance?a. Krumping, locking, waving,...

Expected Daughters to Take Over

Dear Rhee, I am pooped and feel like quitting this business. I first started 17 years ago because my two girls needed a ballet studio to go to and there were none in the area....

Dancewear Store?

Dear Rhee, I have owned a school with more than 400 students for 21 years. Until last summer there was a dancewear store about 10 miles away, where my students and those from many area...

Anatomy Lesson

by Natalie Harber I was teaching a musical-theater camp over the summer and one day I took two of the younger students to the bathroom. Both girls are 4 years old, and they left their...

Looking for the Good

by Rhee Gold Lately I have been heard a lot of discussion about what's wrong with dance education, especially in regard to appropriate choreography, costume, music and the sexualization of dance. And I too see...

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