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1. pioneer, leader, thinker, inclusive, compassionate, humble, strong

2. lifelong journey dedicated to all things dance ● art is a soul thing that is spiritual

3. inspirational guide and teacher

Rhee Gold's DanceLife

Dear Friends,

Welcome! My passion for dance began at the age of three and has been at the forefront of my journey since.

  • I believe that dance enhances the lives of the millions who have the opportunity to experience our art.
  • I believe that we are mentors, leaders and teachers who must take responsibility for maintaining high standards in dance education and business practices.
  • And I know for sure that our influence on the children who dance through our schools will last long after the lessons have ended.

We have had a steadfast focus on quality dance education for studio owners and teachers; as we journey into the future we are expanding our reach to welcome dancers, students, dance parents, enthusiasts and everyone else who is looking for dance inspiration, thought-provoking blogs or articles and a comfortable home to explore dance in a whole new way.

508.285.6650 or office@rheegold.com

Rhee's words are so powerful and resonate so much with me. He has truly changed my life and inspired me in so many ways.... which will allow me to continue living my dream and doing my best to achieve my best.

~Nadine Villa Reguidel, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

You can tell what kind of person someone is by who surrounds him. Rhee Gold, you have created something larger than yourself and your legacy has already begun with this community of dedicated people. I am so honored and grateful to be a part it.

~Shaana Michelle, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

After 42 years, I still have fears. I get STUCK! And then I go to your conference and during your first talk something happens. I feel alive and excited for next year! How do you thank someone for that? I guess the best way is to pay it forward. Thank you, Rhee Gold ❤️

~Marge Marchand, Coram, New York

Thank you, Rhee Gold, for everything! I say this every year, but there is no way my little studio would be as successful as it is if it weren’t for you!  💙

~Jessica Canino Kadis, Plantation, Florida

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P.O. Box 2150; Norton, MA



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