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As we navigate through uncertain times with the outbreak of COVID-19, there are many questions and anxieties for everyone in the dance community. We are committed to support and assist all dance educators to feel more confident and find new ways to share the joy of dance with their students and families. Nobody has all the answers, but together we can and will get through this challenge

Below you will continually find resources to support and inspire you and even some content you can share with your students to keep them engaged in their own passion for dance during these uncertain times. You can also find LIVE broadcasts and additional resources at Rhee Gold's DanceLife Facebook page. We are here for you and wish you safety and health!

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Dancing Through Tough Times

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* NEW *

Dancing Through Tough Times, Episode 5

Meet Patty Neal of New York, April Nelson of Arizona & Debra Steele of Massachusetts. All 3 studio owners sharing their strategies to keep their studio communities dancing and offering some real-ness when it comes to the emotional side of life. You'll be inspired for sure.

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* NEW *

Motivational Talk with Rhee, Episode 2

An up-close and personal perspective offering encouragement and support for dance teachers and studio owners.

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* NEW *

Saturday Night with Jackie Sleight, Episode 2

Back by popular demand! Rhee sits down to chat with Jackie Sleight once again. Take a moment to rejuvenate your dance spirit.

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Tappin' for Joy

Ricci Milan will make you smile and laugh, for sure. His energy and passion will inspire dancers and non-dancers alike. Let's get the world tapping!

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Do Small Things with Great Love

A concert for the heart and soul of the dance community. Spend some time with Cherilyn Marrocco and Rhee Gold, bringing you an uplifting performance.

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Rhee Live: Dancing Through Tough Times, Episode 4

Meet Jessica Canino Kadis of Florida, Patti Eisenhauer of Massachusetts & Melissa Hoffman of New Hampshire. All 3 studio owners sharing their strategies to keep their studio communities dancing and offering some real-ness when it comes to the emotional side of life. You'll be inspired for sure.

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Motivational Speech by Rhee

Motivational speech by Rhee Gold for dance teachers and studio owners.

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Saturday Night with Jackie Sleight

Jackie Sleight is a true inspiration, take a moment to rejuvenate your dance spirit!

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Geo Hubela Live

Family hip hop was what it was all about on Friday night! Thank you Geo for making this happen, you made a whole lot of families smile. If you missed it, move the furniture and get ready to dance!

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Rhee Live: Dancing Through Tough Times, Episode 3

Meet Dee Buchanan of Maryland, Lashonda Chaney of New Jersey & Jen Turey of Connecticut. All three studio owners sharing their strategies to keep their studio communities dancing. You'll be inspired for sure.

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Rhee Live: Dancing Through Tough Times, Episode 2

Meet June Lawrence of Ontario, Michelle Tippetts of Washington & Laura Giacomelli of Pennsylvania. All three studio owners sharing their strategies to keep their studio communities dancing. You'll be inspired for sure.

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Rhee Live: Dancing Through Tough Times

How 3 studios owners are coping in a culture of uncertainty. Featuring Tammy Bolduc, Melissa Cottreau, & Ashley Litwin.
We're in it together!

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Staying Calm During Crisis

Rhee Gold shares some reflections on how we as dance educators and simply as fellow people can take a deep breath and find support in one another. His words will help you to center yourself and find the strength within you to take things day by day.

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Finding a Happy Place

Rhee Gold addresses Dance Teacher Network, a Facebook group of over 38,000 dance educators with Heather Wanner of Shoreline Dance Academy in Ocean Grove, NJ. Together they talk about navigating tough times while maintaining a smile, not only on your face but in your soul.

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A Message for the Dance Community

Rhee Gold reaches out to the dance community about the Coronavirus pandemic and how we, as a community, can best deal with and make it through these uncertain times.

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The Virtual Dance Classroom

Rhee Gold connects with dance studio owners to talk about getting through this crisis in the dance industry and world. They share helpful ideas, inspiration and support on how to keep your studio running and classes going.

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Keeping Your Spirits High

Rhee Gold chats with Heather Wanner of Shoreline Dance Academy. Together they talk about the need for positivity and support in these trying times. Worry is real, but so is a positive mind set. They also discuss ways to keep your dancers moving through some online options.

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Creating Unity

Rhee chats with Melissa Hoffman about how we, as dance educators, can create a sense of unity and hope with how we handle this current crisis. Melissa shares her plans for continuing to share the joy of dance with her students virtually and how it is bringing her own staff together as family.

Lifting Spirits with OUR Art

There are artists among whose lights will shine bright as we all ponder how special our gift of dance truly is. Collaboration is happening everywhere, as we come together in the spirit of our art! This is the first in a series of collaboration that we want to share with you. Make the time to be inspired, encouraged and grateful.


Featuring Faye Lewis and Taylor Sieve Written directed and produced by Ricci Milan Cinematography Capture and Edit Travis Anderson Choreography Michelle Larkin Vocalist Faye Lewis Musical Director/ co-writer David Feily Track production Andrew Fredrick and Kevin Israel Dancers Taylor Sieve Nico Lonetree Dominick Burkhardt Tyrese Parker Ellie Wagner
Thank you for lifting our spirits!

Free Resources from a Generous Dance Community

* NEW *

The Wave Hello BrainDance is for preschool children; perfect for your early childhood classes. An adaptation of Danish Folkdance, The Shoemaker, it's about fun and learning.

Covid-19 Resources for Teaching Artists - It's called show business; guiding artists with information including labor laws, webinars, podcasts, funding, grants, loans and a lot more.

Ballet Arts and Craft With Ms. B (Popsicle Stick Ballerina). This activity could be done in your classroom or as a special virtual project.

30-Minute Hip-Hop Fit Workout with Michael Peele and Deja Riley. This workout is good for all dancers, especially those who are ready to expand their boundaries.

Dancing Alone Together is a resource offering a schedule of live online classes from a variety of artists. Ballet, jazz, contemporary and more.

Adam Boreland of the Orlando Ballet is offering a series of ballet technique, stretching and more. A great way to keep yourself and your students in shape.

Are you ready to tap? Julie Kay Stallcup offers a series of tap technique classes for students. Her energy will inspire you and your kids.

Alexa Baxendell of Releve Ballet Fitness offers a ballet conditioning class that's great for teachers or students.

Miss Erin offers a special preschool dance lesson. It's movement, cartoons, and preschoolers who love to dance.

Keep your dancers strong with this ballet barre taught by Danielle Maas and assisted by Julie Hansch. Bringing elite virtual technique training to dancers everywhere.

3 Tough Realities of Offering Online Dance Classes & How to Overcome Them
Ashani Mfuko offers a talk to empower dance artists and dance teachers.

Dance with Care is offering some classroom materials, including word search, mazes, and a bunch of other activities for dance kids of all ages.

Check out this free resource kit to keep your dancers moving during the crisis. From quizzes, coloring pages, activities, and more, your dancers will stay entertained all day.

CLI Keep Dancing! CLI Studios has generously put together a series of classes to inspire both students and teachers. We never stop dancing!

REVEL Dance Convention is offering FREE education to share with dancers. A whole series of short tutorials on their Instagram IGTV (@reveldanceconvention).

This resource is offering a ton of usable information, tools, and updates on how the dance community can keep on rolling.

* NEW *

Kaelyn Gray offers a "Killer Choreographed Warm-up!" for tap dancers that's all about stamina and fun!

Dance Boss Podcast with Erin Pride - This podcast series is specifically for studio business. It has some practical and useful information on dealing with Covid-19.

Miss Haley from Stage Door Dance Arts offers a fun musical theater class. It's an intermediate/advanced technique class.

Here's an opportunity for some therapeutic and calming classes. These meditation/movement programs are not only great for our students, but probably for all of us at this time.

At home stretching with Mr. Matt. Stay in shape with this warmup and stretch for intermediate/advanced dancers.

Play Kids Fitness offers three live streaming classes daily. Focused on the younger set, this resource offers dance, yoga, fitness, and play.

Angel Roberts, Marcus Payne, and Bryant Culler from Peace Love Hip Hop offer three  exciting hip hop classes for kids.

Enjoy FREE Creative Movement Activities and Games designed for ages 3-12 thanks to Whimsy. New activities are added every week!

Intellidance Space And Sound Creative Dance Class For Ages 2-6. Includes a full class and coloring page activity.

This is a big wow! 77 pages of activities, including word search, crosswords, coloring pages, games, and a lot more.

Operation Tap is a resource loaded with technique classes for a variety of levels. Teachers include Ayodele Casel, Mike Minery, and Anthony Morigerato, among others.

Check out this live dance video and stay moving while stuck at home!

We discovered this really cool resource from Julie Kay Stallcup! It's a series of warmup videos that all of us can incorporate into our classes.

Thank you Thelma Goldberg of Thelma's Tap Notes for sharing your talents with the dance community. This is a great opportunity for both you and your students to practice your tap skills while remaining at home.

Here's an option to incorporate musical theater, drama, and dance. Even if you don't have musical theater, this is an opportunity to introduce a whole new world of dance to your students.

Whether you're a dancer, teacher, or in the entertainment field, Andrew Nemr offers all kinds of practical information and tools to help us maneuver through these times.