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4-Part Series for the Tap Teacher

Tap Skills  available on demand

Learn creative and unique ways of using tap dance content to develop multiple specific and identifiable skills in your dancers at the same time – across age groups and levels. Designed for studio owners and tap dance instructors, specifically focused on ages 7 and up.

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Lesson 1
Learn exercises that will train students toward increased speed, while reinforcing rhythmic and physical accuracy at the same time! Learn how to apply key concepts of music, physicality, and catchy phrases to help your students reinforce the process needed to increase their speed.

Rhythmic Accuracy

Lesson 2
Learn how to use any tap dance combination to specifically train your students ears. Learn how to apply exercises like Shifting The Groove and Holding The Space to build the connection between Rhythmic Accuracy and Physical Accuracy.

Physical Accuracy

Lesson 3
Learn how to reinforce a framework of physicality in tap dance that respects other forms of dance, the unique requirements of movement in tap dance, and empowers your students to find out what a step needs so they can hear and see it come to life!

Foot Dexterity

Lesson 4
We want our students to feel confident in the process of learning. Gaining confidence in learning complex patterns with high levels of detail is one way for them to get there. Learn how to use something as simple as the Cramp Roll to do just that!

  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!