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4-Part for studio owners, administrators & social media coordinators


Join Bryce Conlan & Kristian Altuve of Dance Motion Marketing for a four-session journey through the marketing process for your studio... from enticing potential clients to successful conversions. Each session develops upon previous ones to help you have all the tools, tips, practices and ideas you need to create, attract, follow through and close the deal with your studio's marketing. The sessions take a deep dive, but use clear language and easy-to-understand ways to make your marketing great and effective!

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Design Your Irresistible Offer - An Offer so Good it's Impossible to Ignore

Session 1

The first sessions focuses on helping you design an irresistible offer that will grab the attention of potential customers and make it difficult for them to say no. We will explore effective strategies to make your offer stand out in a competitive market and capture the interest of caregivers looking for dance classes for their child(ren).

Building Your Attraction System - Getting Your Offer in Front of Eager Families

Session 2

Session two focuses on building a robust attraction system that will enable dance studios to effectively promote their irresistible offer to the target audience. We will explore various marketing channels and tactics that can help you reach and engage with eager caregivers interested in enrolling their children at your studio.

Mastering Follow-Through - Help Families Follow Through on Their Interest

Session 3

This session dives into the essential topic of mastering follow-through to ensure that caregivers, who express interest in your offer, actually follow through and enroll their child(ren) in your dance classes. We will explore strategies to nurture leads, build trust, and overcome common barriers that may hinder commitment to initial interest.

Earning the Deal - Choreographing Your Sales Process to "Get the Yes"

Session 4

The final session works on fine-tuning your sales process to increase the likelihood of converting interested caregivers and families into paying customers. We will explore effective sales techniques, negotiation strategies, and customer-centric approaches that will enable you to earn the deal and secure the enrollments you've been working toward.