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4-Part Series for the Hip Hop Teacher

Fundamentals of Hip Hop available on demand

This 4-week series is an in-depth study of the explanation and formatting of hip hop dance culture that will enable teachers of all levels of familiarity with hip hop to feel more comfortable and confident in running a Hip Hop program.  In addition, this series provides directors and studio owners a new level of understanding regarding expectations and presentation in hip hop to feel more informed on what a professional looking hip hop classes can and should be. The experienced hip hop instructor will also find great benefit as a vast course on codifying and structuring class to further consider childhood education concepts when opening up their classroom to technical training as opposed to a combo-heavy experience.

4 (1.15 hour) lessons + unlimited on demand access

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How History Informs Hip Hop

Lesson 1

In this session, we discover Hip Hop's unexplored history while studying the music, movement, & culture of each of hip hop’s early decades starting with the 1970s. Participants will begin to see the natural progression of hip hop culture to better understand what makes a particular technique "foundational" and how to maintain the essence of the genre when we modernize our work.

The Core Techniques of Hip Hop

Lesson 2

This session will utilize the most important techniques discovered in Session 1, while exploring their utilization in warm-ups, original hip hop dance steps, & choreography. Warmups will be discussed as an integral part of a student’s technique development when it comes to rhythms & grooves in all of street dance. Participants will also learn some of hip hop’s original social dances and how they are born directly from the primary prerequisite of the relationship between rhythm and music.


The Hip Hop Program Skill Tree

Lesson 3

Session 3 will cover one of the most important aspects of hip hop programs: the skill tree. In order to build a program that works as a unit and to give students the full hip hop experience, we will study a skill tree to show progression in techniques & concepts. With this tool, you will learn how to order lessons and identify which techniques will aid in development of future techniques.

Choreography Composition in Hip Hop

Lesson 4

This final session covers the development of choreography. Topics covered will include basic composition techniques and how they can be used in hip hop. Beyond that, we will discuss rules, ideas, & creative inspiration for developing choreography in a wide range of age groups.

  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!