In an ever changing dance education world, we have the opportunity to reimagine quality dance education. The impact our classrooms can offer future generations is about more than the movement of choreography; It's about allowing children to experience the art of dance in a culture of acceptance, whether they dance once a week or as a full-time student.

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A team unified in the philosophy that every child is respected, regardless of the skill level achieved, develops a culture where all children feel welcome ana an integral part of our studio communities. That creates success for all involved in the studio.

When we believe that our roles as a mentor and leader are just as important as achieving the status of great teacher or choreographer, we create a future where every child can take the lessons of dance and their teachers long into the future. How cool is that!


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2. CHOOSE YOUR DATES: If we are unable to book requested dates, we will contact you to secure a time convenient for all involved. You can choose weekdays or weekends.

3. TAKE PART IN THE PRE-SESSION: 30 minute 1-on-1 with Rhee to help you customize your Team EMPOWERment experience. 

4. GATHER YOUR TEAM FOR THE EMPOWERMENT SESSION: 1.5 hour virtual with Rhee (presented via Zoom)

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  • What is good dance?
  • The Dance Educator as Mentor, Leader & Teacher
  • Choreographer = Artist
  • Enhancing Student/Parent Connections
  • The Life Impact: Beyond Dance (40 years later)
  • Rhee will also offer input on your personal objectives discussed in the "pre-session."

$500 per session

Your team can gather together in your studio or individually on Zoom from their homes.

Questions: Greg Bettencourt, greg@rheegold.com or 1-866-99DANCE

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Team EMPOWERment Application

  • Dear Friends,

    Thank you for your interest in booking a Team EMPOWERment seminar. Your session will include a consultation ("pre-session") with Rhee to discuss the ultimate goals of your customized seminar.

    Please complete and submit the form below and we will contact you within 3 business days. 

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Rhee Gold has presented for the following associations

American Academy of Ballet
Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey
Australian Dance Festival
Australian Teachers of Dance
CanDance Toronto
Carolina Dance Masters
Cecchetti Council of America
Chicago National Association of Dance Masters
Costume Gallery
Dance Educators of America National Convention
Dance Masters of Arizona
Dance Masters of America National Convention

Dance Masters of Michigan
Dance Masters of New England Dance Masters of New York City
Dance Masters of Ohio
Dance Olympus
Dance Teacher Conference
Dance Teachers Club of Connecticut
Dean College
Federation of Dance Competitions
Hollywood Connection
LA Dance Magic
Pacific Northwest Association of Dance Masters
Pennsylvania Association of Dance Teachers

Pulse Dance Experience
Pulse Teacher Workshop
Southern Council of Dance Masters Stage Gear Australia
Texas Association of Dance Teachers
Toronto Dance Teacher Expo
United Dance Merchants of America
USA International Ballet Competition
Weissman’s Designs for Dance
Wild Rose Dance Arts Association
Victoria Dance Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Wisconsin Dance Festival
World Jazz Dance Congress