Rhee has been coaching dance educators and studio owners for more than two decades. He has led organizations, businesses, seminars, conferences, publications, and more . . . ALL with a passion for improving dance education. 

 A heart-centred mentor who understands dance people!

My goal is to empower, encourage, and guide my clients through conversation that is direct, personal, and honest as well as the occasional homework assignment. ~Rhee Gold

For more than two decades, Gold has been a leader in dance education. His 40+ years with entrepreneurial success, experience as a studio owner, the son of a studio owner, and a dance teacher, for more than 30 years have led Rhee to dedicate his career to supporting teachers, studio owners and their administrators on their mission to become the best that they can be in life, in dance and in business.

Gold knows the soul of the dance field like no other, his passion for our art and quality dance education are unmatched. His frank, realistic and often humorous speeches regularly bring attendees to their feet with an appreciation for his understanding of the dance life.

Rhee's words are so powerful and resonate so much with me. He has truly changed my life and inspired me in so many ways.... which will allow me to continue living my dream and doing my best to achieve my best.
~Nadine Villa Reguidel, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

After 42 years, I still have fears. I get STUCK! And then during your first talk something happens. I feel alive and excited! How do you thank someone for that? I guess the best way is to pay it forward. Thank you, Rhee Gold
~Marge Marchand, Coram, New York

Thank you, Rhee Gold, for everything! There is no way my little studio would be as successful as it is if it weren’t for you!

~Jessica Canino Kadis, Plantation, Florida

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Greg Bettencourt: greg@rheegold.com | 508-285-6650

Speaking / Presentations

Dance Associations, Conventions and Conferences

Rhee is available to present the following:

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Business Seminars
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Motivational Talks
  • Round Table Moderator

All presentations are designed to  rejuvenate the dance teacher spirit; busild confidence and gain new perspectives on the POWER of dance education!


Greg Bettencourt: greg@rheegold.com | 508-285-6650

Attendee Testimonials

Rhee Gold has presented for the following associations

American Academy of Ballet
Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey
Australian Dance Festival
Australian Teachers of Dance
CanDance Toronto
Carolina Dance Masters
Cecchetti Council of America
Chicago National Association of Dance Masters
Costume Gallery
Dance Educators of America National Convention
Dance Masters of Arizona
Dance Masters of America National Convention

Dance Masters of Michigan
Dance Masters of New England Dance Masters of New York City
Dance Masters of Ohio
Dance Olympus
Dance Teacher Conference
Dance Teachers Club of Connecticut
Dean College
Federation of Dance Competitions
Hollywood Connection
LA Dance Magic
Pacific Northwest Association of Dance Masters
Pennsylvania Association of Dance Teachers

Pulse Dance Experience
Pulse Teacher Workshop
Southern Council of Dance Masters Stage Gear Australia
Texas Association of Dance Teachers
Toronto Dance Teacher Expo
United Dance Merchants of America
USA International Ballet Competition
Weissman’s Designs for Dance
Wild Rose Dance Arts Association
Victoria Dance Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Wisconsin Dance Festival
World Jazz Dance Congress