Rhee Gold's DanceLife is always looking for fresh business and classroom curriculum or concepts for dance teachers and studio owners. Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for a future event. Use the information below as a guide to submitting your proposal.

Who attends our seminars and conferences?
• For business seminars: School owners and their administrative staff.
• For movement classes: teachers from the private sector, k-12 and higher-ed, as well as school owners.

Movement Classes:
(Think teacher-training)

Although we pursue classes/curriculum for the advanced-level students, our attendees are focused on learning fresh curriculum for the preschool, recreational, beginner, intermediate and all other levels of students.

We encourage you to offer the how and why of teaching the material presented, as well as strategies to pass it on to their students. Innovative classroom concepts for progressions, combinations, choreography, etc. are important to our attendees.

IDEA Bonus 7

Business Seminars

Concepts, strategies, programs, etc. for business growth, as well as all things related to organization, employee management, marketing, financial matters are all important topics for our attendees.

Performance, competition, costuming, recreational programs, etc. are also of interest.

We do NOT present seminars that are focused on selling particular products or services. 

Proposal Form

You may submit up to five proposals. Submissions will be reviewed within two weeks of submission. If we have more questions or wish to pursue your proposal, you will be contacted at the information given below.

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