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2-part Series for ALL Dance Entrepreneurs


Join Colleen Cross, studio owner and dance entrepreneur, for a two-week course that will help you create, develop and sustain an adult dance program in your studio. Colleen dives into the why and how of the benefits and implementation of programming for adults. It is a great way to create new revenue at your studio and better serve a wider audience of potential dancers in your community.

ONLY $59

Session 1

Create Your Adult Program

  • Your Mindset & The Why
  • How To Begin
  • Marketing
  • One Day Events
  • Absolute Beginner Series
  • Experienced Dancer Workshops

Build Your Adult Program

  • Your Objective & The How
    Implement Once A Week Classes
  • Offer A Class Card System – No Commitment!
  • Offer Daytime, Evening & Lunch Hour Classes
  • Have Social Events & Get Togethers
  • Offer 4-6 Week Mini Sessions
  • Offer Master Classes With Guest Teachers When You Bring Them In For Your Kids

Session 2

Sustain Your Adult Program

  • Your Success & The What
  • Offer Unique Programs & Pop-Up Classes
  • Give Performance Opportunities
  • Have A “Non-Performer” Option
  • Keep The Adult Program Separate From Others
  • Invite Your Adults To Participate In Local & Benefit Events
  • Offer Summer Workshops To Keep Interest
  • Get Your Team Parents Involved In Fun Events To Build Interest In Your Regular Adult Classes

Grow Your Adult Program

  • Your Creativity & the Where
  • Once Established, Offer New Types Of Classes
  • Start To Involve Other Areas Of The Performing Arts Like Theatre & Voice
  • Offer Parent Dances With Their Kids
    Involve Your Team Parents With Performance Opportunities At Competition
  • Put In New One Night Events With Unique Themes
  • Offer Programs That Cater To Adults