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An Executive Coaching Program for Dance Studio Owners

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Gold Alliance: Who Are We?

STUDIO OWNERS FROM ACROSS THE U.S. AND CANADA who are ready to think bigger and stretch beyond their boundaries, surrounded by exceptional dance entrepreneurs striving to do the same. 

Those looking for a support and accountability team; eliminating the "I’m in this all by myself" feeling when dealing with the ups and downs of studio ownership.

Those ready to gain tremendous knowledge through the accumulated experience of the Gold Alliance leaders and mentors; it’s like having access to your own personal brain trust of like-minded studio owners.

Gold Alliance Studios and Leaders

Center Stage Dance, Hernando, MS
LEADER: Amanda Herring

Cheryl's School of Dance, North Providence, RI
LEADERS: Gianna McLeish and Natasha Trottier

Cypress Dance Elite, Tomball, TX
LEADER: Kimberley Brault Davis

Dance Images Dance & Music Center, Methuen, MA
LEADER: Debra Steele

June Lawrence School of Dance, Mississauga, Ontario
LEADER: June Lawrence

Libra Dance Studio, Warminster PA
LEADER: Laura Giacomelli Huntowski

North Shore Dance Academy, Danvers, MA
LEADER: Tammy Paolino Bolduc

Performing Arts Workshop, Jersey City, NJ
LEADER: Jaime Gong

Shantel's Dance Academy, Belle Chasse, LA
LEADER: Shantel Robeaux

The Studio School of Dance, Brampton, Ontario
LEADERS: Ann Bettonvil, Kristi Breen and Susie Mary Anne

Gold Alliance Mentors

Sean Dever, Claudette Gendreau, LMHC, Rhee Gold, Teri Mangiaratti and Stacey Morgan

Gold Alliance Business School

Sean Dever - Covid Financial Strategies, Jane Grech - Leadership, Jane Hillsdon - Marketing, Susan Judd - Emotional Intelligence, Andy Storch - Team Talent Development, Laura Vanderkam - Time Management, among others.

Gold Alliance Summits and Bonus Training

  • Enrollment - Kick off meetings with your team - Starting the Season off Well - Vision, Mission, Values - Teacher Apprentices - Curriculum - Customer Service
  • 10 ways to WOW your customers - Turning Actions into Tasks - Takeaways from our best recital yet - Manifesto - Hero Content - Bonus Training from Guest, Claire O’Shea - Video Marketing
  • Plus: Quarterly Goal Setting Workshops

Next Gold Alliance Leader Intake January 1, 2021

Applications must be received before 12/15 to be considered for our January intake period.

Gold Alliance

Alliance Admission

  • By invitation or application
  • 12-month commitment
  • Current Gold Alliance leaders may continue their membership in 12-month increments.
  • Exclusivity: No two members can be within a 25 mile radius of another, unless special permission is granted by an alliance leader.

Annual Program

  • 2 x Monthly Alliance Summits
  • 8 x Annual Business School seminars with authors and experts in business & dance studio ownership
  • 3 x one-on-one coaching sessions with a range of mentors
  • 2 x Annual one-on-one mentoring sessions with Rhee Gold
  • Exclusive Alliance Retreat at the DanceLife Retreat Center
  • Goal-setting workshops
  • Full access to I.D.E.A. membership materials
Gold Alliance Logo


  • Includes I.D.E.A. membership & all associated resources
  • Complimentary DanceLife Teacher Conference registration and priority seating at conference
  • Roundtable sit down with Rhee Gold at the DanceLife Teacher Conference
  • Exclusive access to The Gold Alliance Facebook group for content, information, advice and discussion

This Gold Alliance program is both a financial and time commitment. The reason the program is kept small is to create a consistent support system for you and fellow Gold Alliance leaders. Consistency is the key to success in the

If you are are considering applying to join the Gold Alliance, please be ready to commit to participate in the majority of activities, gatherings and online sessions (live or recorded). Although we will offer personalized accountability, goal setting and learning, the commitment to actively participating is the key to your success in the Gold Alliance.

Leaders will need to download the Zoom video conferencing app for participation in educational and discussion sessions.