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A 4-Part Course for ALL dance entrepreneurs



This course presents the opportunity to hear from four women leaders about their personal experiences and strategies for success. Through these sessions and the examples of these successful female entrepreneurs, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to build and grow a successful dance-related business while balancing their personal and family commitments.

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Perspective # 1

Hedy Perna

In the first session, Hedy Perna shares her decades of experience as a studio owner to help entrepreneurs understand the “why” for what we do. In addition, Hedy will present her keys to successfully managing employees and a healthy work-life balance. Finally, attendees will learn from Hedy’s own life and business experiences and how to scale business growth in a way that meets your vision and is sustainable.

Perspective # 2

Vicki Wallace

Vicki Wallace leads the second session to help us identify the values and vision that drive us as business leaders. Vicki will share about the importance of delegating tasks and responsibilities effectively to allow for business growth into new markets and streams of revenue. Vicki also discusses the lessons that her years of experience have taught her and how to overcome the “mom guilt” often associated with being a female entrepreneur.

Perspective # 3

Debi Barr

The third session, led by Debi Barr, tackles the challenge of overcoming self-doubt and developing confidence. Debi presents best practices for attracting and retaining top talent for your business while building a support system that helps you grow both professionally and personally. She will also discuss how to navigate professional partnerships and collaborations, all the while sharing the joys and challenges that her own experience as a female entrepreneur has brought her.

Perspective # 4

Michelle Soutier

In the final session, Michelle Soutier will dive into how to align your business and it’s work with your personal goals and how to prioritize self-care. Michelle will help us better understand how to identify new opportunities for business growth and how to fit that into the wants and needs of your personal life. Finally, the lessons that Michelle has learned over the years will help you better understand who you are and how to best create a positive culture among your employees and team. 

  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!