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A 4-Part Course for dance studio owners & administrators

Your Most Organized Season Yet!


If your to-do list overwhelms you at the start of each dance year, let's make this the year that you sail into the studio feeling inspired and prepared. Join Stacey Morgan, studio owner and Business Made Simple certified coach, for this 4 part series, aimed at bringing together all of your knowledge and expertise in order to prepare your studio, team and students for their best dance season yet! This course covers vision & mission, studio culture, leadership, time management & productivity. It is a deep dive into creating a student attraction process that suits your community and key demographic and ensures that everyone on your team is on board to create incredible experiences for your students, all year round.

ONLY $79

Vision & Mission

Session 1

The first session is dedicated to helping you get clearer sense of your vision, mission, and values to start your dance season. Through a developed and articulated vision and mission, you can start the season with everyone singing from the same song sheet!

Studio Culture

Session 2

Building a strong studio culture that makes your clients want to keep coming back for more is the key to your customer retention. This second session will delve into the most important pillars to consider having in place to build the positive culture at your studio that you desire and envision.


Session 3

Leading your team can be the most rewarding and most challenging part of studio ownership. In this session we tackle the 'must- have' meetings that will take your leadership to the next level and the needed content and execution to make the meetings positive and productive.

Time Management & Productivity

Session 4

We all want to make the most of the time we have and work smarter instead of harder this and every year. The final session is a deep dive into  productivity hacks that will free up your time and get yourself more organized and ready to tackle your dance season with confidence.

  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson