Join Ashley Canterna-Hardy for a course that guides you through the ballet breakdown and what it takes to train young dancers, advanced dancers and everyone in between! The course dives into a deeper understanding of feet, knees, hips, and ankles for the young ballet dancer, just stating their classical ballet journey, and progress to floor barre and conditioning the dancer with alternate techniques. As the breakdown continues, the course focuses on an advanced ballet and pointe class. Let's dig deeper into what it takes to train in the classical ballet world while finding new techniques to keep it innovative and fresh.

ONLY $79

Session 1

The session develops an understanding of ballet for the young dancer. Dive into a guide to gaining control and understanding in the classical ballet class, geared for ages 8 and above, both mentally and physically.

Session 2

Let's get into the lowdown on hips, feet, knees, and ankles. This session features a breakdown of exercises to understand and improve each of these elements to help build strength and better technique.

Session 3

This seminar is a inspection of floor barre and floor strength training for optimal use in the ballet classroom. This session also tackles ideas for the injured dancer, wanting to still train and improve, that will help keep them engaged and allow for continued development.

Session 4

This session is a true breakdown of an Advanced Ballet and Pointe Class! Participants engage in a learning experience for a full pre-professional classical ballet class which can then be adapted to your classroom which is geared toward your advanced dancers.