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4-Part Series for the Hip Hop Teacher

Fundamentals of Hip Hop

On demand

John Barrella presents this powerhouse collection of essential techniques and lesser-known dance terms for a range of Street Dance styles. Each session tackles a different dance genre to help you come away with more than enough knowledge for an entire school year of Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Popping, and Locking education. Hip Hop dance teachers have integral lessons to learn from each street dance genre that is explored.

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Breaking (Breakdancing/Bboy/Bgirl)

Lesson 1

This session will concentrate on one of the original pillars of Hip Hop culture: Breaking. The "technique first" approach of this class will educate teachers on dance terms, safe practices, and how to connect some of the most important b-boy moves together to craft lessons and unique choreography. This class will put the "dance" aspect at center stage instead of tricks so that teachers can see just how accessible Breakdancing is for every student out there, regardless of prior experience.


Lesson 2

Locking is one of the most unique, yet least known of the dance genres in this series. Often confused with the term "poplocking", this is a funk style developed even before Hip Hop itself. Later being adopted into Hip Hop culture, this genre holds its very own technique, history and culture behind it. This session will cover the "groove" of Locking, how to dance "soul dances", and of course a ton of dance terms for you to share with your dancers. The high energy and exciting grooves of this style always make for a fun classroom experience and are essential to any dancers ability to properly find rhythm and maximize your body's relationship with the music.


Lesson 3

This funk style has a relationship with Locking, but is completely independent as its own culture as well. What's so important about Popping? The primary techniques of muscle contraction, isolations, fluid movement, and grooves all have a massive impact on modern and foundational dances. This session will cover the most important techniques involved in Popping, how to teach it, how to train in it, and where else you can apply these skills.

Hip Hop

Lesson 4

The last session will return us to Hip Hop. In this class, we'll use elements from each other session to inform our dancing from a whole new place. Using this new foundation, we will be learning new technqiues for grooving/bouncing, choreographing, and the most effective class lessons for accomplishing this years goals. In addition, you'll also be learning a whole new set of social dances to bring into your choreography.

  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!