4-Part Series for the Dance Teacher

The Core 4 available on demand

This four-week course discusses four important topics for studio success and longevity. The seminar is a journey from how and why we communicate and how to delegate effectively to ways to improve accountability and ending with productivity practices. Each session will have strategies and tactics that you can easily implement for the first time or enhance your current systems.

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Communication in Today's World

The Core 4 Lesson 1
LIVE: 3/14 (11:30-12:45 PM)
On-Demand begins 3/15

Tired of no one reading anything these days? We will start at the BASE of the core four-Communication. We will discuss effective communication for both staff and customers. The methods we once used to communicate no longer work, so it is time to revamp how we communicate. We are all experiencing people not wanting to read information, but wanting to know things at a moment's notice. I will share both tactics and strategies to enhance your communication at your studio and how to get people to know things, read, be engaged, and overall feel confident.

Delegation is a Gift

The Core 4 Lesson 2
LIVE: 3/21 (11:30-12:45 PM)
On-Demand begins 3/22

In this session, we will dive into delegation and create a system that you can use to start taking tasks and projects off your plate. Are you afraid to hand off a project to someone else? Do you think you have to do it all? Are you disappointed after you have handed off a project because it hasn’t met your expectations? This session is KEY for getting the most out of your time, your team, and yourself!


The Art of Completing the Circle

The Core 4 Lesson 3
LIVE: 3/28 (11:30-12:45 PM)
On-Demand begins 3/29

In this session, we will discuss why we need accountability, what a culture of accountability is, what that looks like in a dance school, and the top 3 strategies to help improve accountability. We will also discuss the pitfalls and how you can avoid them. You will leave with tools that you can use right away.


Productivity Power Moves

The Core 4 Lesson 4
LIVE: 4/4 (11:30-12:45 PM)
On-Demand begins 4/5

As Ernest Hemmingway said “Never mistake motion for action.” In the studio world, we fall prey to this all of the time. We are always busy moving and grooving, but that does not mean we are productive! For our final session together, I will share 7 productivity practices that you can use both in your work life and in your home life.


  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!