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4-Part Series for ALL Dance Teachers


Join Kaelyn Gray for a 4-week course designed to kick start a new season of warmups, across the floor, center drills, and culminating with a 4-part combo to help spark new creativity within yourself and your classroom! Using all the tools you already have, mix up your “usual” and “go-to’s” to keep your students (and yourself!) engaged and inspired. You will leave this course with a renewed sense of energy for tap education!

ONLY $79

All About Those Heels & Toes

Lesson 1

This first session begins with building a warmup using the bitter basics: heels and toes! As we develop upon this. It will lead to some across the floor exercises, my favorite timestep, and end with part one of the combo this course will help you develop.

All About the Shuffles

Lesson 2

Time to shuffle onward… with a warm-up geared toward shuffles of all kinds, which will also incorporate the lessons explored in the first session with heels and toes. In addition, this warm-up will include a great progression for the basic waltz clog from beginner through advanced student, and will dive into development of part 2 of the final combo.

All About Those Cramps & Paddles

Lesson 3 

This session will lead teachers through a warmup concentrated around a paddle/riffle/cramp time step and a center progression using cramps, paddles and crawls. This will lead into the development of part 3 of the fantastic combo participants are designing.

Time Steps Galore & Our Favorites

Lesson 4

The final session begins with a warm-up reviewing all of the previous weeks’ exercises, but, of course, with some “mixing things up” to keep everyone on their toes. This is followed by some of Kaelyn’s favorite across the floor combinations, ending with the final piece of the combo and a sense of achievement at what has been created over the four sessions!