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A 4-Part Strength Training Course for the Classroom

Stronger, Smarter & Healthier Competitors


Join Katie Groven of Dancer-Fitness.com as she helps breakdown strength training for improved skills, technique and injury prevention. You will leave these sessions understanding exactly which exercises will improve your dancer’s skills, how to integrate them into your classes and finally how to build your own strength training curriculum for years to come! Each lesson can be modified for your level of dancer and style of class so you will feel confident in optimizing your dancer’s skills with strength training.

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The Secret To Stronger Skills

Session 1

Do you teach dancers who have their splits on the floor but can’t reach a full split in their jeté? What about dancers who have amazing flexibility but still can’t get their leg above 90 degrees? In this first session, we will uncover the missing piece to your dancer’s success: strength training! Find out why corrections like “stop hopping” and “sharper” never seem to stick, and which exercises you can do instead to improve the most repeated corrections and enhance technique and consistency in skills. This session will give you the tools to bring awareness to your dancers’ bodies and an understanding of which muscles are required to perform their skills and how to strengthen them.

Dynamic Warm Up for Amazing Technique

Session 2

Are your dancers losing technique by the end of their routine? What about forgetting the small details like turn out and pointed feet? There may be a critical part missing to your warm up to build strength, flexibility and a mind muscle connection. This session will help handcraft your team's warm up in a way that will not only prepare your dancers for practice, but improve their technique on and off the floor. Topics covered will include knowing how to create a safe and effective warm up and how to modify and replicate as your team and season changes.

Strength Training for Turns and Leaps

Session 3

This session will cover the ultimate guide to improving your dancer’s turns, jumps and leaps. Dive into various training tools such as warm ups, strengthening, and conditioning for key targets on the body to gain stability, strength and power. Move beyond outdated crunches and relevés to cutting edge, yet simple movements you can implement right away. Working from the feet up to the shoulders, you’ll be able to understand exactly how your dancer’s muscles impact their skills and, more importantly, how to train and control them to troubleshoot your dancer’s most common issues such as imbalances in one side to another, low relevé, lack of power, jump height and flexibility.

Establishing a Strength Training Routine For Your Dancers

Session 4

This final session is a step-by-step guide to helping you create an effective strength-training routine for your dancers. Using team goals, past score sheets and judges feedback, we will examine how to build, modify and implement a strength-training routine into your practices and rehearsals. Short on time? These routines are concise, impactful and directly relate to your dancer’s goals. This formula, used by national champion teams, has been shown to drastically improve skills and reduce injuries. This session will offer over 30 training plans, already done, each one created for specific goals around turns, jumps, flexibility, endurance and more!

  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!