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4-Part Series for the Tap Teacher

Constructing Fresh Tap Cirricullum available on demand

Learn to make the most of what you already know!   This 4-week series will work on increasing the amount of actual steps in your Tap program.  Together we will explore variables and formulas to help you create thousands of new steps for every level; keeping things fresh and challenging.

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Understanding & Working w/ Variables

Week 1 will explore strategies to make the most of the Tap steps you already know and learn how to manipulate traditional steps. Based on your needs, we will work on making steps “easier” and/or more complicated for multi-leveled classes. We will also consider ways to “tap” into your student’s creativity and help them identify root steps while studying with other teachers.

Time Steps

In this session, we will work with variables and the learn the formula for creating thousands of your own Time Steps. In-depth focus will be given to working with Traditional, Traveling, Prefix and Time Steps with inserts and their breaks.


Session 3 is a deep dive into working with variables and the Formula for creating your own Cramprolls.  Time will be spent learning about Cramproll patterning and utilizing the entire foot.

Paraddidles (Paddle and Rolls)

Together we will explore and learn the many Families of Paradiddles and how to apply variables for more interesting and complicated combinations. This session will wrap up all the elements which have been brought together to create a fresh, exciting tap curriculum.

  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!