Rhee Gold's DanceLife partners with experts in the dance and mental wellness industries to provide seminars and events to help dancers and dance educators grow in their mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Past Seminars & Events

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Watch this free, insightful seminar on how to best address the issue of bullying in our dance studios. Kristin Deiss & Michelle Loucadoux, of Danscend dive into the critical issue of bullying within the world of dance. Designed for studio owners, admin staff and teachers, parents, this seminar raises awareness, fosters empathy, and provides actionable strategies to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in the dance community. We explore the nuances of bullying to gain a deeper understanding of the various forms of bullying prevalent in the dance world, from subtle acts of exclusion to more overt forms of intimidation. You will leave equipped with tools to recognize and address bullying behavior and create an atmosphere where dancers can flourish without fear.