4-Part Series for the Dance Teacher

Acro: A-Z & More! available on demand

Join Jill Ford, Loren Dermody, Trish Thompson-Creamer and Vicki Fletcher as they take you on a journey through all the fundamentals of a solid acro program for your classroom. From partnering and tumbling to building a solid foundation with our littles, each session will help the acro teacher gain knowledge and confidence that can be passed along to your students.

4 lessons + unlimited on demand access

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Trending Tricks w/ Jill Ford

Session 1

Progressions for foundational limbering and balancing skills, and how to vary them to create the trending skills we are seeing in choreography!  Heli, headsprings, interesting balances, kip ups and more!

Preschool Acro w/ Loren Dermody

Session 2

Teaching physical literacy to young dancers through games, props, imagery and song!  Learn how to keep your age 3-4 year old dancers engaged and having fun in this acro class for early years.

Partnering w/ Trish Thompson-Creamer

Session 3

Join the queen of partnering Trish Thompson-Creamer and her amazing dancers for an awesome class packed full of partnering and small group tricks that will challenge your dancers and delight audiences!  Beginner, intermediate and advanced partnering will be presented.

Tumbling w/ Vicki Fletcher

Session 4

Progressions for side and front aerials.  Learn how to teach and spot these skills, how to recognize  and correct mistakes and how to perfect technique for beautiful execution.  Variations and transitions for these skills will also be covered, helping to create unique and interesting tricks for choreography

  • BONUS: for those who attend live, you will have the opportunity to take part in a 15 min. Q & A following each Acro: A-Z & More session!
  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!