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4-Part Series for the Dance Teacher

Musical Theatre Mayhem

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This four-part series is created for dance-teaching enthusiasts who LOVE instilling the passion of live theatre, Broadway, & movie musicals into their classroom setting. Each class will feature a warm-up, progressions, and a different combo, with modification options for beginning, intermediate, & advanced dancers.

ONLY $79

Intro to Broadway

Session 1

In this first session, we dip our big toe into the pool of musical theatre & Broadway. Perhaps we just need to get a few more dancers on board that Broadway-bound train? Hakuna Matata! We will focus on class structure, content, & fun ice-breakers to shake up the current jazz-based class your dancers may already be attending.

Theatre: Then & Now

Session 2

In the next class, we begin to allow our dance-loving students to wade in the pool of theatre by encouraging them to explore/research historical & contemporary content. Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Acrobatics, Ballroom (& more) are ALL part of live theatre & and a robust entertainment experience. The show must go on, so you might as well make ‘em laugh!

Musical Theatre Deep Dive

Session 3

In the third session, we are now really swimming! After warm up, it’s time for across the floor & transition steps galore. Triplets, grapevines & lindy’s…oh my! It’s a whole new world, even though; everything old is new again!

Theatrical Jazz

Session 4

It’s now time to really dive into the fun & excitement that theatrical jazz can offer our students. This session will cover pointers, tips, & tricks on bevels, training in character heels safely, and the importance of style, presence & showmanship.

  • 15-minute Q & A for live participants
  • Includes handouts for each lesson that will help you bring each session into your classroom!