Rhee Gold is passionate about dance education and the business of teaching dance. A pioneer in the field, his podcast features thought-provoking conversation with Stacey Morgan offering a unique brand of inspiration and insight into teaching dance and studio ownership. 

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Gold, Rhee

Rhee Gold is a dance field pioneer who has led a movement that continues to change and improve the face of dance education. Teachers and studio owners from the United States, Australia, Canada, Grand Cayman, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom and more flock to his retreats, seminars, keynote speeches, and conferences to gain…

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Morgan, Stacey

Stacey Morgan is a passionate entrepreneur and small business consultant from Australia. She is the Principal of Port Macquarie Performing Arts, a dance school on the mid north coast of NSW. She is also the Director of Morgan Media, a global podcast production company that focuses on Podcasts related to Small Business, the Arts and…

Join Rhee Gold and Stacey Morgan for their bi-monthly podcast for dance teachers and studio owners. It's thought-provoking conversation that inspires those with a passion for dance education to be the best they can be. Don't miss an episode!

Season 2, Episode 29: Does Loyalty Still Exist?

What is loyalty? Does it still exist in the competitive world of dance studio ownership? Join Stacey and Rhee today as they talk through the way loyalty influenced their upbringing and what it looks like now in the dance studio and in the world of small business.


Season 2, Episode 28: Fresh Start for the New Season

Today Rhee and Stacey talk about the importance of setting strong boundaries in order to create the work/life balance you are craving. With the summer starting and a new season not too far away, this is the perfect time to make changes that will benefit your business, your family and your mindset as we head…


Season 2, Episode 27: Summer Choices?

Today Rhee and Stacey explore all the options when it comes to engaging your students this summer. Is it time for something new and fresh? Or, do you want to take some time for yourself? We do have choices, and we’ll explore them all in this podcast.


Season 2, Episode 26: First RELAX: Then RECITAL!

It’s the most exciting time of the year! Recital time! Make it a positive experience for yourself, your dancers, and their families with your enthusiasm and gratitude that we have the opportunity, once again, to bring the joy of dance back to the stage. Join Stacey and Rhee as they talk about how to head…


Season 2, Episode 25: What is a Leagacy?

“It’s planting seeds in a garden you’ll never see” Today Rhee and Stacey talk about the importance of building a legacy within your studio and your dance community.


Season 2, Episode 24: It’s Showtime

As we move into the recital season, let us all be grateful for the opportunity to be live and in-person! Let go of the worries, live in the moment, and be confident that you and your clientele can enjoy this journey with pride. Rhee and Stacey unpack a positive approach to the recital season.


Season 2, Episode 23: Flourishing During Difficult Times

During post-COVID times, we are discovering that “things” are not the same as they were more than two years ago. Often, we find students or even staff who are struggling and looking to us to lead. Join Stacey and Rhee as they explore strategies that will help to make the best of all situations and…


Season 2, Episode 22: DLTC, Who’s Joining Us?

The 2022 DanceLife conference is going to be bigger and better than ever, will you be joining us? Tune in with Rhee and Stacey as they talk about the highlights of this years event, including some not yet shared secrets!