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DanceLife - Orange


Rhee Gold is passionate about dance education and the business of teaching dance. He is a pioneer in the field and now he is taking his unique brand of inspiration and insight to the world of podcasts. Listen as he helps dance teachers and studio owners achieve their dreams.

Episode 9: The Struggle is Real

Rhee talks about the daunting challenges of running a dance studio. Our everyday struggle such as the way in which to retain the students you have enrolled, arranging payment plans and juggling life’s other obligations with being a dance studio owner all can cause headaches and sleepless nights.

Episode 5: Rhee’s Rant

Rhee has a long history with dance competitions, but there first there are a few things he wants to set straight! Rhee started out going to dance competitions when he was young, went on to run dance competitions and now has a unique insight to this booming industry.

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