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4-Part Course for ALL Dance Educators

Culture of Success: Tools, Tips, Materials & Strategies to Help Each Dancer Feel Valued & Supported


Join Heather Wanner to work together in creating a culture for all students to shine! Designed for ALL dance educators, this course will present strategies to cultivate and nature a welcoming and accepting classroom and studio; giving each dancer a chance to grow and thrive within your dance family.

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Mini Activities that Make a Connection

Session 1

This first session will explore strategies and activities that can be utilized across a wide range of age levels within your studio and classrooms. We will discuss foundational ways to offer activities and a curriculum that will help your students feel better connected to your school and classroom community.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Session 3

This session will help you, as a dance educator, to have students that feel included and more self-aware. Dance activities will be offered that will help your dancers be more in touch with their own feelings and become aware of empathetic toward the feelings of their classmates. This groundwork will foster an atmosphere of respect for everyone!

Literature in the Classroom

Session 2

Session 2 will dive into the world of literature and how it can influence your dance classroom. It will be an exploration of various children's books and corresponding activities that can help break down barriers for ALL ages. Children's literature can be used in every classroom to help dancers connect to one another and themselves.

Nurturing Your Dancers' Hearts

Session 4

The final session is a heartfelt journey into activities which can be integrated into any studio and classroom to help dancers feel able and free to express themselves through dance. This can only be done when we create a safe space where everyone feels they belong and these activities will help to make this happen.

  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!