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Rhee Gold's DanceLife is proud to support dance educators in caring for the mental wellness of both themselves and their dancers with these free resources. We have partnered with Mindful Dancers Wellness Studio and Danscend to bring you new prodcuts, free resources, information, programs, certification and more; all designed to assist you in prioritizing mental wellness both in and out of the studio. Together we can make a difference!

Additional Information & Resources

How to Encourage a Healthy Dancer Body Image

For dancers, mirrors are a tool that can be used to improve technique. Mirrors can also be a source of pain and frustration for dancers who have challenges with their relationship with their bodies. Unhealthy body image in the dance industry can significantly impact the mental health and wellness of dancers.

When it comes to body image, though, what we think we look like might not be exactly accurate. The way we see ourselves is influenced by our thoughts and feelings about our bodies, our past traumas, our present situation, our cultural beliefs, and so many other factors. In short, the way we see our bodies can be and often is manipulated by our brains. And, when it comes to dancers, these thoughts and feelings are often negative.

As dance educators, it is so important to create an environment where dancers can cultivate a healthier relationship with their bodies. Here are a few exercises you can include in class to support dancers struggling with body image:

  • Cultivate gratitude – Have dancers write a “thank you” letter to their bodies for working hard in class.
  • Body positivity playlist – Encourage dancers to create a playlist of music that makes them feel confident about themselves and their bodies.
  • Expand representation – Check in with the resources (photos, videos, etc.) you use in class and advertising and make sure that all body types are represented.

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