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4-Part Series for ALL Dance Teachers


Join Kaelyn Gray for a 4-week course which will bring a funky & fresh feeling to your tap classes. From warmups and across-the-floor exercises to variations and combos, Kaelyn covers it all in a fun and engaging way that will allow you to take what you learn back to your classroom immediately. This course will spark new creativity within yourself and your classroom!

ONLY $79

Session 1

  • Fall “Back to Basics” warmup!
  • Building from Basic Across the floor exercises and progressions
  • Classic Time Step Variations 

Session 2

  • Warmup and Coordination Station
  • Across the floor w/ clap coordination 
  • A swingin’ small combo for the int/adv student! 

Session 3

  • Classic Paddle & Roll Pocket Warmup (part 1)
  • All about those Pullbacks and Pullback Variations/Grab-Offs across the floor
  • Culminate with a Metronome Speed + Clarity Combo!

Session 4

  • Paddle & Roll Pocket Warmup (part 2)
  • Rhythm Turns & Variations 
  • Interesting Time Signature (6) Time Step to tease the brain!