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A 4-Part Course for ALL dance educators

Across-the-Floor Galore & More!


Progressions, patterns, & phrases…oh my! Join Drew Burgess for a 4-week series, each episode focusing on a different genre of dance education: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, & Acrobatics. This series is catered to teachers/studio owners of all levels in ability, age, & experience. From ballet walks to bridge walks, this course has something for everyone to spark new joy, interest, & bring some fresh ideas into your dance classroom curriculum.

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Session 1

This first session focuses on building a progressive ballet scaffolding for the beginning, intermediate, & advanced dancer. With plans to cover everything from adage to allegro; let’s start our dancers off on the right (or left!) foot. 


Session 2

Session 2 dives into jazz patterns & phrases that can be incorporated into all levels of the dance studio classroom. Got a class of mixed level students? Let’s give them ALL the options & set them up for success. Some lyrical & contemporary options are infused in this portion, as well.


Session 3

The third session concentrates on tap progressions & patterns that can keep all of our students engaged, interested, & invested in our programming. Come for the grapevine flaps, stay for the stomp, stamp, & step rudiments. Tap classes shouldn’t be optional! Let’s get our students as enthused about tap dancing as we are!


Session 4

The final session focuses solely on AcroDance progressions & skills that can be executed across the mats/marley. Split rolls, cartwheels, and tabletops are always a hit. Anyone’s dancers need a little ‘inversion therapy’? This session will be sure to ignite & re-instill a passion for our students to be upside down! Strength, flexibility, balancing, limbering & tumbling will be covered. This class is also an excellent resource for those who may teach Modern Dance.

  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!