Moves & Grooves

4-part Series for ALL Dance Educators


Join Reggie “Reggie.O” Oliver for a 4-part course focused on progressive movement and Hip Hop dance vocabulary fitting for any classroom setting and level. This course enlightens you to some of Hip Hop's most popular “Moves & Grooves” as well as some of the many ways they can be performed, taught, and executed.

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Reggie.O  is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher from Pennsylvania who has experienced many areas of the entertainment and performance industry! From the stage to the television set and even Catalogs and Magazines Reggie holds an extensive amount of credentials and experience.

A few of Reggie’s credits include, but aren’t limited to, dancing for Toni Braxton, Macklemore, Keke Palmer, Pitbull, Ozuna, and The Weeknd at his Super Bowl Halftime Show performance! Reggie has also danced on and been featured in a host of Award shows and music videos on Networks such as Nickelodeon, BET, VH1, MTV, and Disney just to name a few. In addition, Reggie.O has also been featured in and has choreographed commercials and Promotional ads for products and companies such as Boost Mobile, Samsung, Costume Gallery Dance Catalog and Dance Apparel as well as Pastry Sneakers!

It is Reggie’s Aspiration to one day be a positive and influential staple In the Pennsylvania dance community and history! Reggie believes that hard work will gain you access to anything you want in this world and with his all his experiences and many more to come there is no doubt that Reggie.O will become the influencer that he aspires to be!


Move with Me

April 9

In this first session Reggie introduces and breaks down moves and vocabulary that can be taught to any level of dancer in an “Across the floor” drill-styled approach. Reggie also expands on the origin of movement allowing the opportunity to expand the range of style and information that can be given to students when being taught.

Groove with Me

April 16

Session 2 works on making you feel even more comfortable with the moves and vocabulary gained from the first session. Reggie introduces you to a variation of movement, "ways to count," and how to best execute the movement learned while incorporating groove and personal style into each move.

Let's Take a Trip

April 23

In this third session, Reggie opens you to the ideas of "traveling" and "navigation" within the previously learned "moves and grooves" of the first two lessons. Learning the ways to transition, shift and travel within these moves is extremely important and influential in the way moves and grooves are used in freestyle as well as how they are executed within choreography.

The Social Experiment

April 30

In the final session of the course, Reggie demonstrates and teaches one of his favorite and most effective ways to help students memorize, execute and personalize all of the "moves and grooves" gained so far. This drill can be effective at any level setting when teaching Hip Hop, especially social dance. This will also allow students to find enjoyment and camaraderie with the Hip Hop genre as they also learn the dance.