Welcome to the DanceLife Teacher Conference, the go-to event for dance education and studio ownership. This enriching 3-day experience boasts over 35 faculty and speakers, offering specialized tracks to meet the needs of every dance professional. From cutting-edge business insights to innovative classroom techniques and curriculum, we have something for everyone.

Distinctive to the DLTC, Rhee Gold's keynotes act as a spark, igniting personal and professional growth. Our trade show presents the latest industry advancements, while the DLTC Gala stands as an unforgettable evening that honors pioneers in dance education.

JULY 24 - 26, 2024 | I.D.E.A. Workshop Day July 27

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DLTC & Soul 2024 Asase Yaa Feature (Instagram Post)


Exciting News! The Dance Life Teacher Conference is thrilled to present the Asase Yaa African American Dance Theater at our 2024 Gala! Founded in 2001 by the visionary Artistic Director Yao Ababio, this remarkable company has become a leading force in the dance and drum community. Their performances are not just about dance but a holistic embrace of African philosophy and culture.

2 Business Tracks

Two Business Tracks: For Studio Owners
Our two specialized business tracks are designed to meet the needs of both new and seasoned studio owners, as well as their administrative staff. Whether you're looking to scale your business, implement effective procedures, or lead your team with confidence, we've got you covered. The curriculum spans a wide array of topics, including marketing, branding, budgeting, and mastering social media. You'll also discover new program concepts and innovative ideas to boost revenue.

For Administrative Staff: Tailored Learning Opportunities
Your administrative staff isn't left out; they have the option to attend specialized sessions tailored to their roles or join you in a unified learning experience. Regardless of the path you choose, you'll leave the conference with a wealth of actionable ideas, ready to elevate both your business and leadership skills.

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3 Classroom Tracks

Two Intermediate & Advanced Classroom Tracks: These tracks serve as your toolbox for higher-level teaching. Dive into warm-ups, progressions, and combos across various dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, acro, musical theater, and commercial jazz. Beyond the steps, we delve into classroom management, choreography workshops, and specialized sessions for stretching and strengthening techniques.

Early Childhood & Preschool Classroom Track: This track is a treasure trove of fresh concepts and teaching methods for our youngest dancers. You'll walk away with innovative ideas that you can immediately implement in your early childhood and preschool classes.

Teaching Essentials: In all tracks, we focus on the foundational principles of effective teaching. Learn not just what to teach, but also gain insights into how to make your lessons more engaging and meaningful for your students. Join us to become the teacher who not only instructs but inspires.

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SPECIAL PRE-CON SESSION: Mental Wellness Dance Education Certification

Kristin Deiss and Michelle Loucadoux of Danscend, will lead this mental wellness certification course. It demonstrates that educators and organizations provide a safe and supportive learning environment for dancers. It also highlights a commitment to promoting mental health awareness and addressing issues like resilience, mindset, and self-esteem. This course will help you feel more equipped to shape the minds of the young people in your classrooms.

It has been created using peer-reviewed scientific studies and under the guidance of a board of mental health professionals. The certification includes training on how to craft supportive feedback, create a safe and inclusive space, nourish dancers' community, encourage a growth mindset, and lead students by example.

Inspirational Keynotes

A standout feature of DLTC is the spark ignited by Rhee Gold's motivational and keynote speeches. Crafted to resonate with everyone from teachers and studio owners to administrators, Gold's impactful words serve as the spark for both personal and professional transformation. Get ready to be inspired to live your best dance life with renewed enthusiasm.

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The DLTC Gala

This event is the highlight of the DanceLife Teacher Conference, bringing together our whole community of passionate educators! This unforgettable evening serves as a platform to honor trailblazers in dance education who have inspired educators around the globe. The atmosphere is further elevated with special guest performances that captivate and inspire.

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The DLTC Trade Show

Featuring over 60 esteemed product and service providers from the dance industry, the DLTC trade show is your gateway to the latest innovations. Explore cutting-edge software, ticketing solutions, costumes, dancewear, shoes, and curriculum materials. You'll also find essential services like insurance and flooring, as well as exciting event opportunities and much more."

DanceLife Teacher Conference 2021
Individual Teacher or Studio Owner  $699
Whether you are a studio owner or teacher, the DLTC will offer you the inspiration you need! Learn, grow and become the best you can be. $100 deposit holds your spot!
Groups 2 - 4    $669
Perfect for studio owners to register their office manager, faculty or significant other to make the conference a team experience!
$100 deposit (per attendee) holds your spot!
Groups 5 +    $639
We are the perfect event for ALL your teachers, administrative staff and those who have a hand in the success of your school!
$100 deposit (per attendee) holds your spot!
Organizations & Large Groups
Group discounts for 10 or more, please contact Greg Bettencourt: greg@rheegold.com. We invite dance education organizations or other large groups to participate.

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Nothing beats the feeling of gathering together with hundreds of passionate dance teachers at the DanceLife Teacher Conference, but if you can't attend, WE HAVE YOU COVERED! Experience DanceLife Teacher Conference in your own home, studio or wherever you go with our on-demand option.

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