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A 4-Part Education & Training Course

Become a Technique Master: Better Methods, Better Results


A 4-session teacher training series, with Cara Dixon of Relative Motion, for those who are working with competitive, pro-track or advanced dancers. Stronger technical excellence among our dancers will enhance their success now and in the future. This course focuses on the most emphasized four corrections for the lower body in dancers, resulting in a much higher technique level.

ONLY $79

Hip to Be Square

Session 1

This class focuses on the hip joint, and how to unlock flexibility and control for dancers. You'll uncover unique ways for a dancer to both understand and apply 'keep your hips square'.

Straighten Your Knees

Session 2

This session focuses on the knees, their main reasons for not straightening fully, hyper extension and body alignment. We will use new tools to access a longer leg line safely in dancers, build strength and correct misalignment.

Stretch Your Feet

Session 3

Feet are the foundations of dancing, and this class breaks down what dancers need to understand in order to access full range of motion in their feet and find power there. We've said, "Stretch your feet!" until we are blue in the face, but let's attack it differently.

Soft Landing

Session 4

This session focuses on on control, particularly in leaps and jumps. We emphasize harnessing power as we go into and come out of leaps, in order to find great height and also nurture gorgeous transitions.

  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!