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A 4-Part Education & Training Course

Let's Dance! Classes for Ages 1-6


Join early childhood dance education expert, Andrea Trench, for a 4-week journey through the stages of early childhood development. Throughout four sessions, attendees will dance, sing, and play their way through early childhood while examining and viewing demonstrations of a new class in each session!

ONLY $79


Caregiver and Tot Classes

Session 1: Sept 19 @ 11:00am EST

In this first session, attendees will explore a caregiver and tot dance class and gain tips and tricks for classroom management. Also included will be activity variations and caregiver communications for this early stage of development.

Independent Two Year Olds

Session 2: Sept 26 @ 11:00am EST

In this session, exploration will be given to an independent 2-year-old dance class. Throughout this session attendees will learn tips and tricks for classroom management, activity variations, and caregiver communications for this next stage of development.

The Preschool Class

Session 3: Oct 3 @ 11:00am EST

The third session is a deep dive into the preschool dance class. This session will offer exciting and innovative tips and tricks for how to best manage the classroom. Additional activity variations and caregiver communications, for this stage of childhood development, will be shared and discussed.


Session 4: Oct 10 @ 11:00am EST

In this final session, attendees will be exposed to a kindercombo class. Discussion will focus on learning the necessary tips and tricks of the trade for effective classroom management. This session will once again conclude with activity variations and caregiver communications for this stage of development.


  • 15-minute Q & A for live participants
  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!