Rhee Gold's DanceLife is excited to partner with Danscend in their mission to nurture the mental wellness of dancers. Through our partnership you will find a whole library of products, certifications and helpful resources for all dance educators.

Who is Danscend?

Danscend’s mission is to bring mental wellness to the forefront of performing arts training by providing a space for education, application, and community to performers, educators, and professionals.

Kristin & Michelle Danscend

Kristin Deiss and Michelle Loucadoux have a shared sixty years in the dance industry. Both have worked extensively as professional dancers and are well-versed and experienced in the realm of dance education.

After working together in the education field for seven years, the idea of Danscend was born because of an overwhelming need that Deiss and Loucadoux observed in their students. No stranger to the need for mental health awareness, both creators wrestled with various issues in their professional dance careers as well.

In Danscend, Deiss and Loucadoux have created a resource that they wish was available when they were beginning their dance careers, a resource that will benefit not only their students but also the dance industry as a whole.

Now, Kirstin & Michelle have partnered with Rhee Gold and the Rhee Gold's DanceLife brand to bring heightened awareness and helpful resources to the dance education community to foster a great sense of wellness and health in all involved.

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