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4-Part Series for Dance Teachers and Studio Owners

Become A Behavioral Detective - available on demand

Join us for a deep dive into common classroom learning and behavioral challenges

ONLY $79

Unlocking the Behavior Basics

Lesson 1

All behavior is communication and understanding what our students are telling us can unlock the door to a stress-free learning environment for both teachers and students. During this session, we will explore the basics of antecedents and consequences and search for the function of behavior to formulate a behavioral modification plan.

Exploring Sensory Perception

Lesson 3

How we perceive and process sensory information plays a big role in how good we are at self-regulation, comprehension and participation. During this session, we will explore our sensory system and learn how a disruption in processing can alter our ability to participate to our fullest extent.

Uncovering Executive Function

Lesson 2

In our current culture of “do more…faster,” we often set expectations that are beyond the developmental level of our students. In this session, we will uncover many executive functions that we take for granted and shed a light on age appropriate expectations. 

Solving the Case

Lesson 4

Diagnosis or not, we all have students in our classes who cause us to scratch our heads at times. During this session we will practice what we’ve learned by presenting case studies of common behavioral and learning challenges and providing evidence of tips and strategies that solved the case!

  • BONUS: for those who attend live, you will have the opportunity to take part in a 15 min. Q & A following each Become A Behavioral Detective session!
  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!