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4-Part Series for studio owners and their staff

Staff Success available on demand

Let us simplify staff training for you! This four-part series is created  for your entire team of teachers and administrators.

These sessions could be used as staff meetings, as part of your hiring process, or  during a company retreat! 

Each session has three parts:  

Behind the Business – Teri will introduce a business topic that will  help your team keep an eye on the bottom line as part of the big picture of your studio.

Deep Dive – Teri will discuss an abstract concept that will encourage your team to think deeper, get motivated and inspired!

Work It Out – Teri and your team will roll up their sleeves and put  pen to paper on the downloadable worksheets so every staff  member has a takeaway that can be referenced as you move  forward with your season!

Unlimited on demand access to 4 lessons

ONLY $79

Be A Star

Staff Success Lesson 1

In this session we will learn what makes a star teammate! Learn from the studio owner perspective so you can be the best staff member you can be. Teri will walk you through your impact bullseye and guide you through the potential that your impact can have on your studio community and within your personal circle.

Clear Vision

Staff Success Lesson 2

In this session we will explore the concepts behind the studio Mission, Values, Culture and Vision. What is the difference? How do we clarify them? How can we communicate these concepts to the studio and our community? Together, we will all contribute to create a clear vision for the future.

Servin' up the Service!

Staff Success Lesson 3

What does dance studio customer service look like? Owners, Teachers,  Administrators and even studio policies contribute to the customer service  experience. We will have a little fun with role play and we’ll work through how each teammate can give their best customer service to your clientele.

Retention Intention

Staff Success Lesson 4

Retention is the number one component to growth. We will dig into the differences between retaining and acquiring students, and why that should be important to everyone on your team. Together we will create a plan for increasing and tracking retention that your whole staff can benefit from!

Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!