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4-Part Series for the Ballet Teacher

The Art of Ballet 

Available live & on demand

This course will help those dedicated to the art of classical ballet, technical training, stepping outside of the box to create contemporary/ballet, and fundamental techniques necessary to move forward in the dance world. We will go through youth ballet, beginner pointe, explore contemporary ballet, and end with advanced ballet and turning techniques to help gain strength and awareness as a ballet teacher and dancer. Join us as we continue to push the boundary as technicians and artists. 

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Age 8-10 Ballet Class

Lesson 1

One of the hardest ages to teach ballet is age 8-10. It is an age where it is pivotal to teach the structure and expectations of ballet training, while also making sure they are enjoying themselves enough to want to keep coming back. This class will help guide you with different strategies to keep the young ballet dancers motivated, challenged, and excited in the ballet classroom. 

Contemporary / Ballet

Lesson 3

This will be a look into a contemporary ballet class. This class can be an amazing way to keep the dancers feeling fresh, motivated, and free when also training so often in classical ballet. We will dive into different warm ups, progressions, and combinations used in a contemporary ballet class. 

Beginner Pointe Class

Lesson 2

Beginning pointe takes a lot of strength, core work, cross training, and more. Beginning pointe classes don’t always use their pointe shoes the entire class and can train in other ways to gain the necessary strength. This class will be a full demonstration of a beginner pointe class and what tools we can use to make the transition from ballet flat to pointe shoes a more seamless and safer experience. 

Advanced Ballet & Turning Techniques

Lesson 4

This session will focus on an advanced ballet class along with the fundamental skills to better and more consistent pirouettes. We often rely on “luck” when it comes to turning, and this class will help us become more body aware to create a more consistent pirouette on flat and en pointe! 

  • 15-minute Q & A for live participants
  • Includes links to resources that will allow you to bring staff success into your classes, as well as handouts for each lesson!