Rhee Gold's DanceLife , founded by Rhee Gold, has been dedicated to enhancing the world of dance education for over 30 years. Designed for each dancer's unique journey, we are committed to supporting and encouraging you as you live out your passion whether in the classroom, business or any other part of your life. Through expert advice, inspiring discussions, or shared experiences, we are committed to providing a platform where you will always know that YOU matter and your love for dance is respected and nurtured.

Rhee Gold, A Teacher's Teacher


Launching his first school at the age of fifteen, at a low-income housing project, he learned that dance does change lives. This experience began his mission to insure the best dance education for every child, regardless of his or her financial standing or technical abilities. Gold founded and taught at the Dance Theatre of Boston and Gold Studio III, both Boston based professional schools. He has owned and directed the the Gold School in Brockton, MA, which is now under the direction of his twin brother, Rennie, preparing for its fifty-eighth season.

Gold has taught jazz, tap and choreography workshops for the Second International Congress of Dance, Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America, National Association of Dance and Affiliated Artists, World Jazz Dance Congress are a few of the organizations that Gold has served as a master teacher.

Gold has consistently brought unique and innovative concepts to the dance education field.

1996 was the year that he launched Project Motivate, the first business and motivational seminar for dance teachers and studio owners. It was a ground-breaking concept that led to the DanceLife Teacher Conference: one of the largest gatherings of dance educators in the world. In 2012 he opened the doors to the DanceLife Retreat Center, where hundreds attend business seminars, curriculum workshops and motivational retreats.  From 2004 through 2018, he published Dance Studio Life magazine.  The International Dance Entrepreneurs Association (I.D.E.A.) launched in 2016 is the first business association for studio owners offering 300+ world-wide members the tools to grow their businesses and create a culture of success. Currently Gold's website, Rhee Gold's Dance Life, is a hub for dance inspiration for dance teachers and studio owners. Gold owns the Rhee Gold's DanceLife Store, which offers business and classroom tools, music, curriculum and books.

Gold is the author of The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance: An Insider’s Secrets to Personal Reward and Financial Success, Gold's philosophies have been shared with hundreds of thousands in his columns for Dance Magazine, Dance Studio Life magazine, Dancer, Dance Teacher and others.

Gold gives back to the dance community through volunteer work with many organizations and has served as the president of Dance Masters of New England, Dance Masters of America , United Dance Merchants of America, and UNITY. Currently, he serves on the board for I'm a Dancer Against Cancer, the Andréa Rizzo Foundation, and on the advisory board  for Dance Educators of America.

Gold received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Industry Dance Awards (2014), Dance Educators of America (2015) and Dance Masters of New England (2016), and Oklahoma City University (2022)

Rhee Gold shares his dance family's journey.