Founded by Rhee Gold in 2019, we are a close-knit community of passionate studio owners. Our intimate Alliance fosters a unique support system, where together, we strategically address the individual needs of Canadian and U.S. leaders. From business strategies to mental health sessions, we're dedicated to uplifting one another. Join us on this empowering journey!


PLUS: A remarkable list of guest speakers who are business leaders and experts, including authors, marketing consultants, systems specialists, mental health experts, and diverse professionals.

Special guests have included Jason Daily, Sean Dever, Sandi Duncan, Dr. Claudette Gendreau, LMHC, Pete Mohr, Erin Mosqueda, Danielle Mulvey, Patti Neal, Hedy Perna, Holly Read, Tahnee Sanders, Scott Schutte, Michelle Soutier, Laura Vanderkam, among others

The Gold Alliance is a premier mastermind group designed for dance studio owners, under the guidance of Rhee Gold. With years of industry experience and a passion for empowering studio owners, he has created a dynamic platform that fosters collaboration, growth, and excellence among a limited group of studio leaders.

Success is not solely defined by a relentless 24/7 dance life. The Gold Alliance provides the tools and insights necessary to create a fulfilling life that allows its leaders to manage their teams effectively, delegate tasks, and find harmony in their personal and professional endeavors.

The Heart of the Gold Alliance: Empowering Dance Studio Owners

Friday mornings at 10 AM EST: Virtual training and collaborative gatherings with our lead mentors or a diverse range of professionals from the dance industry and beyond. During these sessions, we delve into timely topics relevant to dance studio calendars and deadlines. Everything pertinent to the life of a dance studio is discussed, including registration and summer program planning, enrollment strategies, retention, systems and processes, goal setting, scaling, delegating, and more. The Gold Alliance keeps you ahead of the game with strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of dance studio ownership.

Monthly Optional "Check-Ins" 

Sessions with Rhee: Share, Connect, and Thrive Varying mornings at 10 AM EST: These sessions provide the opportunity to share your journey, from your biggest wins to the challenges you may be facing in your personal and professional life. It is the chance to connect with a diverse group of studio owners who are invested in your success. Share your experiences, seek advice, and receive support, while you harness the collective wisdom of your fellow Gold Alliance Leaders.

Quarterly One-on-One Mentor Sessions

Personalized Guidance for Your Journey Unlock the power of personalized guidance with our Quarterly One-on-One Mentor Sessions. Each quarter, you will have the exclusive opportunity to schedule a virtual mentor call with either our Lead Mentors or choose from a diverse range of experts tailored to your specific professional or personal needs.

Annual Gold Alliance Retreat: Unite, Learn, and Celebrate

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Escape to an enriching two-day gathering at the annual retreat! Join your fellow Gold Alliance Leaders for a unique weekend event that blends celebration and collaborative in-person learning. The 2024 Gold Alliance retreat is set to take place in New Orleans in January.

Gold Alliance: The Detail

Please note that joining the Gold Alliance requires a significant personal and financial commitment. To ensure the best possible results and maximize your experience, it is crucial to make a solid pledge to actively participate in all the program activities.

  • Gold Alliance Annual Investment: $12,000 USD
  • (1-year commitment/payable in monthly instalments)
  • A complimentary pass to the DanceLife Teacher Conference with additional special conference perks
  • A complimentary annual retreat and more.
  • 90% of training takes place on Fridays @ 10 AM EST
  • Includes I.D.E.A. membership & all associated resources
  • Exclusive access to The Gold Alliance Facebook group for content, information, advice and discussion

Gold Alliance: Admission

  • By invitation or application
  • 12-month commitment
  • Current Gold Alliance leaders may continue their membership in 12-month increments.
  • Exclusivity: No two members can be within a 25-mile radius, unless special permission is granted by an alliance leader.

Current Gold Alliance Studios and Leaders

Acapriccio Dance Studio; La Vista, NE
LEADER: Jennifer Kinsey

All About Dance, Swampscott, MA
LEADER: Lisa Faia

Ann Carroll School of Dance, Franklin, TN
LEADER: Laura Carroll

Anna Marie's Dance Studio, Wilmington, DE
LEADERS: Ashley & Chris Litwin

Center Stage Dance, Hernando, MS
LEADER: Amanda Herring

Creative Dance Studio, Plantation, FL
LEADER: Jessica Canino

Cypress Dance Elite, Tomball, TX
LEADER: Kimberley Brault Davis

Dance Images Dance & Music Center, Methuen, MA
LEADER: Debra Steele

Dance it Out, LaCrosse, VA
LEADERS: Michelle Harris and Alicia Washburn

Dance-N-Groove. Hutto, TX
LEADER: Kirstin Casey

Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance, Middletown, MD
LEADER: Dee Buchanan

Eleve Performing Arts Center, Bloomington, MN
LEADER: Brittany Milan

Encore Dance Academy, Kings Park, NY & Holbrook, NY
LEADER: Kelly Komorowski

Erin Rae's School of Dance
LEADER: Erin Rae McNamara

June Lawrence School of Dance, Mississauga, Ontario
LEADER: June Lawrence

Libra Dance Studio, Warminster PA
LEADER: Laura Giacomelli Huntowski

Movements in Motion Dance Studio, Havertown, PA
LEADER: Genesa Kenney

North Shore Dance Academy, Danvers, MA
LEADER: Tammy Paolino Bolduc

Performing Arts Workshop, Jersey City, NJ
LEADER: Jaime Gong

Silver City Dance Center, Taunton, MA
LEADER: Judy Sullivan

Southwest Synergy Dance, Tinley Park, IL
LEADER: Connie O'Reel

Studio Dee, Fort Wright, KY
LEADER: Dee Reusch

Studio J School of Dance, Edmond, OK
LEADER: Meredith Powell

The Studio School of Dance, Brampton, Ontario
LEADERS: Ann Bettonvil, Kristi Breen and Susie Mary Anne