Too Much Information

Too Much Information

by Jill Keating You know how when little kids get talking they always enter the “more than I need to know” zone? When I was pregnant and teaching 3- and 4-year-olds, there were always plenty of questions from them. I tried to answer in a delicate and appropriate way. One little girl said, “My mom can’t have babies…

Bread, Milk, Dance

Bread, Milk and Dance

I have been a dance teacher for more than 40 years and have run a dance studio for 35 years. But when I was a little girl, growing up first in the Harlem projects, then in the Bronx, I could never have imagined such a life for myself.

The Sequin Eating Boy

The Sequin Eating Boy

In my years as a teacher and studio owner, I have produced more than 27 year-end recitals and at least 16 full-length story ballets. If I have learned anything about the production part of the dance business, it is that it requires two important attributes: the ability to compromise and the ability to enjoy the humor in the things that can—and always will—go wrong.

Recipe-Negative Work of Mouth Souffle

Recipe: Negative Word of Mouth Souffle

A never-fail recipe from Netty Rocker – (and one we hope you will NOT try!!) Cook time: In some cases this recipe will cook quickly or it could take years.

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