Looking for the Good
by Rhee Gold

Lately I have been heard a lot of discussion about what's wrong with dance education, especially in regard to appropriate choreography, costume, music and the sexualization of dance. And I too see a problem . . .

BUT, I want to share with you the good that is happening. There are schools, teachers and dancers who are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for kids with cancer. There are teachers who are creating choreography with a message to help to make the world a better place, while they educate their dancers on acceptance. Teachers are continuing their education through teacher-training; many are learning skills to bring dance to the special needs community. They're gaining new knowledge on ways to introduce dance and creative movement to preschool children. Hundreds of school owners across the country are giving kids scholarships because they know the positive that dance can offer a child. The list goes on and on.

Let us all take a stand to do what is right for the kids and the reputation of the dance education field. Each of us is a reflection of our art. Thank you!