50 Preschool Prop Activities

I’ve collected some of my favorite prop activities to share with you. These songs are categorized by popular preschool props: scarves, sticks, shakers, bean bags, parachute/giant stretchy band. You can read more about the importance of incorporating these props into your classes here.

Let’s Dance! 


  1.     Scarves on Your Laps, Johnette Downing
  2.     Jiggle Your Scarf, Judi Cranston
  3.     Walking with My Scarf, Ballet Preschool Party
  4.     Magic Scarf, Hap Palmer
  5.     I Put My Scarf on My Head, Sukey Molloy
  6.     Wave Your Scarves, Katy and Kiki
  7.     Can You Wave Your Scarf, Ballet Preschool Party
  8.     Scarf Dance, Charity Kahn
  9.     Pretty Scarves, Music with Mar.
  10. Scarf Dance, Mary Jo Huff


  1. Tap Your Sticks, Hap Palmer
  2. Tap Tap (Your Rhythm Sticks), We Kids Rock
  3. Old MacDonald’s Rhythm Sticks, Kimbo Children’s Music
  4. Echo Sticks, Kimbo Children’s Music
  5. A Pair of Sticks, Sally’s Music Circle
  6. Rhythm Stick Jammin’, Laura Lawless
  7. My Rhythm Sticks, Kymberly Stewart
  8. Tapping Game, Tumble Tots
  9. Little Drum, Kids Music Company
  10. Drum and Stop, Lynn Kleiner


  1. Shake Shake (Minuet in G), Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael
  2. I Know a Chicken, The Laurie Berkner Band
  3. I Can Shake My Shaker Egg, Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael
  4. Egg Shaker Song, Mr. Q
  5. The Shaker Song, Rocknoceros
  6. Shake Freeze, Little Maestros
  7. Shake, Shake, Shake, Nancy Kopman
  8. Shake the Shaker, Music with Mar.
  9. Shaking your Maracas, Julie Wylie
  10. Fancy Shakers Dance, Kids Music Company

Bean Bags

  1. Bean Bag Boogie, Tumble Tots
  2. Take That Bean Bag, The Learning Station
  3. The Bean Bag, Hap Palmer
  4. Bean Bag Groove, Music with Mar.
  5. Bean Bag Alphabet, Hap Palmer
  6. Bean Bag Bounce, Music for Moving
  7. Beanbag Balance, Marie Barnett
  8. Beanbag Body, Judi Cranston
  9. Pass the Bean Bag, Kimbo Children’s Music
  10. Playing with a Bean Bag, Music with Mar.

Parachute/ Giant Stretchy Band

  1. The Parachute Dance, Maple Leaf Learning
  2. Children Hold the Parachute, Radha
  3. Walking in a Circle, Judi Cranston
  4. Walking with the Parachute, Julie Wylie
  5. Parachute Journey, Kids Music Company
  6. Parachute Time, Patty Shukla
  7. My Parachute, Dancing Bears Music
  8. Fantastic Elastic, Susie Davies-Splitter
  9. Side to Side, Nancy Kopman
  10. Bumping and Jumping, Kimbo Children’s Music

These songs can all be found on Spotify. As always, I would love to hear which activities your preschoolers enjoyed the most. Comment below and let’s keep the conversation going.

Happy prop exploring!

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Andrea Trench is dedicated to helping dance teachers create and deliver content that is research-based and developmentally appropriate for children under the age of 6. Her primary focus is classroom management, conceptual teaching, and foundational movement skill development in early childhood dance education. In addition, Andrea uses her 12 years of experience as a partner in a dance studio to inspire, equip, and empower educators.

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