For 25 years, the Rhee Gold Company has been on the cutting edge of continuing education for teachers and studio owners. We are always focused on quality dance education and helping studio owners achieve their ultimate success! During these times, we are watching an evolution of opportunity within our industry, we are on top of it with a series of courses that will educate and inspire . . . guaranteed!

Current & Upcoming Courses

Adult Program Blueprint: Create, Build & Sustain Revenue w/ Programming for Adults

Join Colleen Cross, studio owner and dance entrepreneur, for a two-week course that will help you create, develop and sustain an adult dance program in your studio. Colleen dives into the why and how of the benefits and implementation of programming for adults. It is a great way to create new revenue at your studio and better serve a wider audience of potential dancers in your community.

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Ballet Breakdown

Join Ashley Canterna-Hardy for this course that, through four sessions, will help guide you through the ballet breakdown and what it takes to train young dancers, advanced dancers and everyone in between! The course will dive into a deeper understanding of feet, knees, hips, and ankles for the young ballet dancer, just stating their classical ballet journey, and progress to floor barre and conditioning the dancer with alternate techniques. As the breakdown continues, the course will focus on an advanced ballet and pointe class. Let’s dig deeper into what it takes to train in the classical ballet world while finding new techniques to keep it innovative and fresh.

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Culture in the Classroom

Join Kenny Borchard & Mauro Villanueva of the Joffrey Workshop for a course that is a vital resource for individuals aiming to understand how cultural backgrounds shape dance education experiences. Key topics include understanding personal culture impact, thoughtful attire choices, consent practices, and the gender spectrum. Participants gain tools to create inclusive and respectful environments, empowering them to support students from diverse backgrounds, enriching dance education overall.

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Well-Rounded Dancer

Join Katie Groven of Dancer-Fitness.com as she reveals simple and effective tips, exercises and combinations for some of the most common challenges that dance instructors face at every level. If your dancers struggle to apply corrections, has reoccurring injuries, lacks flexibility, or lacks motivation to train, then this 4 part course provides valuable tools to meet those challenges and develop a truly well-rounded dancer.

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Moves & Grooves w/ Reggie.O

Join Reggie “Reggie.O” Oliver for a 4-part course focused on progressive movement and Hip Hop dance vocabulary fitting for any classroom setting and level. This course enlightens you to some of Hip Hop’s most popular “Moves & Grooves” as well as some of the many ways they can be performed, taught, and executed.

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Tap Roots

Tap Roots is the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, and to bring tap history into your classroom. We believe that it’s a perfect time to rethink our classroom curriculum to educate young dancers to appreciate the art in a new way! Bring short segments of tap history into each class or offer a more intensive option. You will have the tools to make your tap education the best that it can be!

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