Rhee Gold Company Teacher & Business Training Courses

LEARN from some of the dance community's most respected educators and speakers. 

For 25 years, the Rhee Gold Company has been on the cutting edge of continuing education for teachers and studio owners. We are always focused on quality dance education and helping studio owners achieve their ultimate success! During these times, we are watching an evolution of opportunity within our industry, we are on top of it with a series of courses that will educate and inspire . . . guaranteed!

ALL seminars have been discounted from $79. to $69. until further notice!

All seminars are offered as a series of four 75 minute sessions and each includes handouts, worksheets, etc.

All will have access to the on demand training for years to come!

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Upcoming Courses

Ballet Body Awareness

Join Ashely Canterna-Hardy for a ballet teacher training workshop dedicated to considering your students’ whole body. Over four sessions, you will dig deep into classical ballet training, while complimenting it with strength and core training, stability work. Focus on body awareness . . . improve technical execution.


Tap Skills

Andrew Nemr will help you learn creative and unique ways of using tap dance content to develop multiple specific and identifiable skills in your dancers at the same time – across age groups and levels. Designed for studio owners and tap dance instructors, specifically focused on ages 7 and up.


Preschool Skills Checklist

Join us for a 4-week deep dive into what skills are developmentally appropriate for your preschoolers. We will identify the true foundation of dance, learn how to incorporate skill development into our classes, and focus on style specific skills that every preschooler should learn.


Ongoing & On Demand


You can have engaging, effective classes even when you can’t spot your dancers. Plus, there’s an added bonus: Learning how to teach without spotting will make you a much better teacher, with more organized classrooms, more engaged students and exciting results! This means that when spotting tricks is possible, even teaching virtually, to build student success.


Staff Success

Let us simplify staff training for you! This four-part series is created for your entire team of teachers and administrators. These sessions could be used as staff meetings, as part of your hiring process, or during a company retreat! Studio owners, staff and dance teachers will gain a new appreciation for being part of a team and working together for success.


Tap Roots

Tap Roots is the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, and to bring tap history into your classroom. We believe that it’s a perfect time to rethink our classroom curriculum to educate young dancers to appreciate the art in a new way! Bring short segments of tap history into each class or offer a more intensive option. You will have the tools to make your tap education the best that it can be!