For 25 years, the Rhee Gold Company has been on the cutting edge of continuing education for teachers and studio owners. We are always focused on quality dance education and helping studio owners achieve their ultimate success! During these times, we are watching an evolution of opportunity within our industry, we are on top of it with a series of courses that will educate and inspire . . . guaranteed!

Current & Upcoming Courses

Well-Rounded Dancer

Join Katie Groven of Dancer-Fitness.com as she reveals simple and effective tips, exercises and combinations for some of the most common challenges that dance instructors face at every level. If your dancers struggle to apply corrections, has reoccurring injuries, lacks flexibility, or lacks motivation to train, then this 4 part course provides valuable tools to meet those challenges and develop a truly well-rounded dancer.

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Moves & Grooves w/ Reggie.O

Join Reggie “Reggie.O” Oliver for a 4-part course focused on progressive movement and Hip Hop dance vocabulary fitting for any classroom setting and level. This course enlightens you to some of Hip Hop’s most popular “Moves & Grooves” as well as some of the many ways they can be performed, taught, and executed.

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Tap Skills

Andrew Nemr will help you learn creative and unique ways of using tap dance content to develop multiple specific and identifiable skills in your dancers at the same time – across age groups and levels. Designed for studio owners and tap dance instructors, specifically focused on ages 7 and up.

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Preschool Skills Checklist

Join us for a 4-week deep dive into what skills are developmentally appropriate for your preschoolers. We will identify the true foundation of dance, learn how to incorporate skill development into our classes, and focus on style specific skills that every preschooler should learn.

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Technical Exploration of the Classics

Take a dive & immerse yourself into four separate sessions of whole-body movement in multiple genres of technical dance. Each week will focus on one genre: ballet, jazz, tap, & then finishing with acrobatics. Each week will provide a wide range of ideas with warm-ups, patterns, rudiments, fundamentals, progressions, across the floor, & so much more.

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Acro A-Z & More!

Join Acrobatic Arts’ instructors: Jill Ford, Loren Dermody, Trish Thompson-Creamer and Vicki Fletcher as they take you on a journey through all the fundamentals of a developing and maintaining a solid acro program for your classroom. From partnering and tumbling to building a solid foundation with our littles, each session will help the acro teacher gain knowledge and confidence that can be passed along to your students. This is the perfect course for anyone involved in your stuido’s acro program.

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The Core 4

In this four-week course, we will be discussing four important topics for studio success and longevity. Studio owners, managers, and office staff, you won’t want to miss out on this pathway to success in your business and life. We will be going on a journey from how and why we communicate, how to delegate effectively, ways to improve accountability, and ending with productivity practices. Each session will have strategies and tactics that you can easily implement for the first time or enhance your current systems.

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Fundamentals of Hip Hop Education

This 4-week webinar series is an in-depth study of the explanation and formatting of hip hop dance culture that will enable teachers of all levels of familiarity with hip hop to feel more comfortable and confident in running a Hip Hop program. In addition, this series will provide directors and studio owners a new level of understanding regarding expectations and presentation in hip hop to feel more informed on what a professional looking hip hop classes can and should be.

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Constructing Fresh Tap Curriculum

Learn to make the most of what you already know! This 4-week series will work on increasing the amount of actual steps in your Tap program. Together we will explore variables and formulas to help you create thousands of new steps for every level; keeping things fresh and challenging. Attendees will leave ready to develop and improve their already-existing tap curriculum.

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Marketing Bootcamp

Join marketing and branding professional, Jennifer Randall, for a 4-week study on the what, how and why of your studio promotion. Jennifer will bring a hands-on approach to better understanding what systems and tools will help you to market your dance school in a better, more organized way. You will leave each week with realized marketing materials and a plan of action to implement them.

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Preschool Teacher Playbook

Calling all studio owners, directors and preschool teachers!! This is your guide to help you create and deliver a successful preschool dance class experience for the whole family. With a plan and the right tools, YOU can set the foundation for a lifelong appreciation for dance education. Attendees will leave with new ideas and ready to develop and improve their already-existing preschool curriculum.

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Become A Behavioral Detective

Join us for a deep dive into common classroom learning and behavioral challenges. Tricia Gomez, noted dance educator with a extensive experience in working with students with behavioral differences, helps dance teachers to be able to identify and effectively work with all their students; getting the most out of them and expanding horizons and possibilities.

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Dance Teacher Roadmap

This 4-part session will help you as a dance teacher to prioritize, practice, refine and reflect who you are as an educator. Let’s face it, things don’t always go as planned. As plans EVOLVE, so will your roadmap. Let’s get you on the right path for your dance season and help you recreate your teaching road map that will guide you now and for years to come.

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Teaching the Early Years

From warm-up to the stage, we are taking an exploration into the best practices for teaching the early years. This four part series will guide teachers through an entire preschool class framework. You will learn about the brain and body connection in early childhood, classroom management procedures, class activities, choreography, and more!

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