Hoffman, Melissa

Melissa Hoffman is the director of one of the largest schools in New Hampshire, the Melissa Hoffman Dance Center, an 8,000 square foot facility, which she designed and built. Her more than 30 years of teaching experience combined with her business savvy have led her to a very successful career in dance education and presenting for dance educators and studio owners world-wide!

Hoffman is a seasoned speaker who has presented for Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America, Hollywood Connection, the DanceLife Teacher Conference, the DanceLife Retreat Center, the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association and many others. Her teambuilding strategies, approach to maintaining a family atmosphere with more than 400 students, creating successful preschool and recreational programs, systems for organization, among other topics make her presentations a favorite of attendees striving to be the best business owners and leaders that they can be.

She has been a contributor Dance Studio Life magazine  and has been featured in Dance Teacher Now, Dance Magazine and is the mom four young adult children and balances the demands of managing both her family and business.