Foley, Brian & Faye

A Toronto native, Brian Foley made his professional debut at the tender age of ten, and has worked and trained with many great choreographer/directors including Jerome Robbins, Michael Bennett and Bob Fosse.

At age nineteen, he choreographed his first television series and has gone on to rack up an impressive list of credits.  Among them, over 600 TV shows, numerous feature films including “Heavenly Bodies”, “Ice Castles” and “For Your Eyes Only”. 

He has choreographed and directed over 100 professional stage shows including, Broadway Musicals, Ice Shows, Las Vegas Revues, Roller Skating and Gymnastic Spectacles across Canada the USA, England, Europe, South America, Russia, and the Far East.

Mr. Foley has staged, choreographed and directed many major corporate “live show events”.  These include shows across North America and Europe for companies such as American Express, Air Canada, Canada Post, The Hudson Bay Company, The Canadian Fashion Industry, numerous Corporate Award Shows and many more.  As a director and choreographer, his major corporate clients in the past have been Toyota Canada, Honda and General Motors Of Canada Limited.

Since 1996, Mr. Foley has choregraphed the world-renowned Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show.  In 2002 he was offered the prestigious position to direct and choreograph the annual Grandstand Show “spectacle”.  And in 2021, twenty-five years later, he has retired as the Executive Director for the “The Greatest, Out Door Show On Earth”.

As one of Canada’s busiest-and most renowned “Master Dance Educators”, Brian Foley is also recognized as a feature “key-note motivational speaker” for dance studios, dance organizations and educational events.

A native of Toronto Ontario, Faye Foley is well recognized across Canada and Internationally as the “dance teacher’s, teacher”!

She has over 65 years of teaching experience and even today, continues to help teachers be the “best they can be”!

Although Faye was a successful dance teacher on her own, in 1967 Brian Foley hired her to teach at his dance studio in west Toronto.

As well as teaching, Faye worked as a professional dancer in Canadian television, but after a few years decided to follow her heart and passion to teach and motivate students to dance.

In 1980, working together and supporting her husband, the Foleys created the basic outline for a technical dance syllabus in Jazz and Tap.  Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers was introduced and the ADAPT Syllabus was born.

Twenty-two years later Faye expanded her passion for teaching by encouraging her husband Brian to work with her to create a professional training opportunity for dance teachers to become certified.  In 2002 the ADAPT Teacher’s Training School was introduced and to date, T.T.S. has certified over 1200 dance teachers.

Faye continues to envision new dance standards and training techniques for dance teachers and their students.  Teaching teachers to develop the eye to see the difference and encouraging students to utilize the life lessons they have learned through dance.

This year, the Foleys celebrate 57 years working together, 50 years married together and a lifetime building the Foley Legacy together.