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5 ballrooms and you'll never miss a class! 
90 day on-demand access to all classes & seminars at no extra charge

DanceLife Teacher Conference

July 31 - August 2

Breathe life into every aspect of your business and classroom!

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Joshua Boyd, Rebecca Brettingham-Filice, Drew Burgess, Jessica Canino, Ashley Canterna-Hardy, Angela Carter, Sean Dever, Sandi Duncan, Richard Elszy, Rhee Gold, Diane Gudat, Melissa Hoffman, Geo Hubela, Liz Imperio, Nancy Lemenager, Teri Mangiaratti, Rhonda Miller, Pete Mohr, Becca Moore, Stacey Morgan, Patty Neal, Brett Perry, Dani Rosenberg, Evan Ruggiero, Jessica Scheitler, Pam Simpson, Jackie Sleight, Michael Taylor, Andrea Trench, Heather Wanner, Moses Webb, Derrick Yanford and Mandy Yip


It's all about building camaraderie among hundreds of dance educators from around the world. Each is striving to be the best that they can be by discovering new and innovative concepts for the classroom, business, and their personal journey.

The DanceLife Teacher Conference is for everyone involved in the dance education field. Whether you are a school owner, teacher, administrator, husband-and-wife team, or play some other role in the success of the school this conference is for you.

Celebrate YOU!

  • 5 Ballrooms
  • Opening Night Celebration
  • Complementary Food Functions
  • Gala Event, Special Guests, Awards, + Complimentary Food Function
  • Huge Trade Show
  • Motivational Talks
  • Special Events
Erin Rae McNamara
Erin Rae McNamara
Teacher and Studio Owner

My heart is bursting, and I’m so blessed to have many people in my life that I can look up to! The entire week was surrounded with so much LOVE & JOY! Thank you, Thank you! I haven’t felt like this in a long time - I left feeling forever inspired . . . the love for dance grew larger for me and my staff - and we are ready for Season 18!

Kiana Simler
Kiana Simler
Dance Teacher

The most amazing 3 days full of inspiration and knowledge from the most passionate dance experts ♥️ Thank you!

Rebecca Brettingham-Filice
Rebecca Brettingham-Filice
Teacher/Studio Owner

Thank you Rhee Gold for creating an amazing space for dance educators to come together to learn from each other in and outside the classrooms. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the 2022 faculty. I am so thankful for the friendships rekindled after 3 long years apart and new friendships made.

Megan Schofield MacGregor
Megan Schofield MacGregor

I’m filled with so much inspiration! Staff was amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!! ❤️

Jen O'Neil McLaughlin
Jen O'Neil McLaughlin
Teacher/Studio Owner

We had an Incredible few days (I keep saying week lol) - chock full of information, inspiration and motivation! Thank you for everything! 



Lisa Dalton Faia
Lisa Dalton Faia
Teacher/Studio Owner

Thank you Rhee Gold for an amazing week. You just have a way of seeing into our souls and knowing exactly what we need. I appreciate you and I am enjoying the journey thanks to you! Love you my friend!  ❤️

DLTC 2023 Awareness Campaign (Video) (500 × 125 px) (5)

Join us for 3 days of business labs, classes & seminars for dance teachers, studio owners & administrators

2 Business & Administrative Tracks

Rhee Gold Company

Re-energize your studio learning the strategies to work “on” your business rather than “in” it.

For dance entrepreneurs, the DLTC brings highly experienced business coaches, financial advisors, studio CEOs, marketing experts, business leaders, and motivational speakers ready to bring you and your team a large dose of new knowledge, perspectives, and solutions! Head into the next season confidently and ready for success.

Studio ownership has evolved rapidly over the last few years; opportunities for success are abundant! With fresh business methods, processes & systems, retention strategies, new program concepts, leadership training, financial strategies, marketing, and so much more, attendees will head home ready to improve financial results, and open the doors to a fulfilling future.

Many sessions are specifically focused on studio administrator professional development. The result is to educate those who are often the face and voice of our schools. These sessions include customer service, parent communication strategies, systems for organization, social media methods, scheduling, and more. Create the leadership team of your dreams!

Note: Administrators are welcome to attend any business or administrative sessions except studio owner only seminars.

3 Teacher Training Tracks


2 Movement Tracks featuring recreational, intermediate, and advanced curriculum designed to offer fresh classroom concepts from a variety of master teachers ready to share the why and how to bring it all back to your dancers. The program of study includes warm up, barre, progressions, technique, combinations, routines, pointe work, alignment, balance, stretch & strengthening classroom philosophy, choreo workshops and new strategies to connect with your dancers. Special sessions with a child phycologists, behavioral experts are included. Styles include ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theater, improvisation, hip hop, acrobatics, and more.

The Early Childhood & Children's Track includes classroom curriculum for the 11 and under students; it's our belief that this track is the most important when it comes to the future of our studios! It will feature movement concepts for mommy and me and toddlers all the way through grade 5. This track will incorporate classroom techniques teaching children with learning differences and disabilities. We are proud to assist attendees with the philosophy that any body can dance.


The DanceLife Teacher Conference Gala, August 1

A celebration of the art of dance and the incredible individuals who make it possible. Whether you're a seasoned dance teacher or just starting out, you won't want to miss this amazing event. Join us as we come together to reflect on the beauty and power of dance and the amazing community that makes it all possible.

The DLTC Gala is the premier event for dance teachers from around the world! With an incredible lineup of performances, special guests, and inspiring awards, the 2023 conference promises to be an unforgettable experience.

We are proud to announce that this year's Life Time Achievement Award will be presented to Jackie Sleight, an industry leader who has dedicated her life to promoting dance education and inspiring young dancers. In addition, we will also be presenting the Generous Heart Award to Maggie Kudirka, better known as The Bald Ballerina, whose powerful story has inspired countless dancers to overcome adversity and pursue their dreams.

Generous Heart Award
DLTC 2023 Awareness Campaign (Video) (500 × 125 px) (7)

$100 deposit holds your spot!

Fees Include

  • All classes, seminars and special events as well as downloadable notes
  • 90-day on demand access to the entire conference
  • Two food function tickets
  • One Gala Event ticket
Individual Teacher or Studio Owner $699
Whether you are a studio owner or teacher, the DLTC will offer you the inspiration you need! Learn, grow and become the best you can be. Refundable $100 deposit holds your spot!
Team 2 - 4 Members
Perfect for studio owners to register their administrators, faculty or significant other to make the conference a team experience! Refundable $100 deposit (per attendee) holds your spot!
Team 5 + Members
We are the perfect event for ALL your teachers, administrative staff and those who have a hand in the success of your school!
Refundable $100 deposit (per attendee) holds your spot!
Organizations & Large Groups
Group discounts for 10 or more, please contact Greg Bettencourt: greg@rheegold.com. We invite dance education organizations or other large groups to participate.

Who can attend? Dance teachers and studio owners; it is not an event for students. Minimum age is 18. Studio owners may register assistant teachers ages 16 & 17 for the movement tracks.

What airport should I use? Las Vegas McCarran Airport (LAS)

Questions? Contact greg@rheegold.com

Would you like to be an exhibitor? Contact Greg@rheegold.com for options.


We are excited to offer attendees great lunch options that will be delivered to you right at the conference center... no walking or waiting in lines at restaurants! You and your team can eat together, chat or take part in the "Coffee Talk Live" podcast on the mainstage during the Lunch hour. PRE-ORDER IS REQUIRED.


Pre-order by August 1 and SAVE $$

Note: There will only be a single user name/email for each user on a license

Single Studio License: $629 | Pre-Order: $579
Studio License (2 users): $749 | Pre-Order: $679
Studio License (3-4 users): $849 | Pre-Order: $749
Studio License (Unlimited Users): $999 | Pre-Order: $899
Single Teacher License (movement only): $579 | Pre-Order: $529

* Access to studio owner only seminars will be available to verified studio owners.

DanceLife Teacher Conference proudly presented by...

Oklahoma City University

The Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment is not just about teaching dance steps or management or skills — they work to instill character that will serve graduates in their professional careers and personal lives. Their faculty, staff and administration strive to infuse all courses, performances and activities with the following values:

Respect | Reliability | Responsibility | Ethics | Motivation

Accountability | Courage | Focus | Commitment

Employers desire their graduates because of their professionalism, and graduates live meaningful lives when they embrace a value-driven journey.