Inner Peace

Inner peace is the new success, and inner peace comes from total acceptance of who you are and what you believe in. ~Rhee Gold

Pat Yourself on the Back

Dance teachers . . . know that you followed your dream and that it’s OK to pat yourself on the back! ~Rhee Gold

Appreciate the Little Dancer

Appreciate the little dancer who is learning her first plie’, as much as you do the one who can do five pirouettes. ~Rhee Gold

Passion, Compassion

Teach every class with passion. Treat every student with compassion. ~Rhee Gold

Be Who You Are

BE who you are. DANCE who you are. TEACH who you are. STAND for who you are. That’s how you became a “dance person” in the first place. ~Rhee Gold

Passion Isn't Limited - Rhee Gold

Passion Isn’t Limited

Make it your goal to instill a passion for the art of dance in every child . . . what’s really cool about this objective is that the passion isn’t limited to those who can do five pirouettes, it’s something that a once-a-week student can accomplish, too. That’s what teaching dance is all about! ~Rhee Gold

Awesome Life! - Rhee Gold

Awesome Life!

The music, the movement, the passion, the joy on the kids faces . . . I’m thinking that teaching dance is an awesome life! ~Rhee Gold

Hold on Tight

Not everyone who dances through our classrooms or schools will agree with why or how we do things. And that’s OK; as long as we have confidence to know that we can’t change or make exceptions simply because someone may disagree. Hold on tight to what you know is right. ~Rhee Gold

Best Defense - Rhee Gold

Best Defense

I think confidence is the best defense against the emotional stuff. Keep on dancing; stay focused on what you need to do and enjoy the journey. ~Rhee Gold