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Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

Feeling Fulfilled

When the “I can’t” mantra sets in, the dreaming stops and going with the flow becomes something to resist rather than embrace. Don’t be afraid to take chances or believe that you’re too old to try something new. Feeling fulfilled is better than feeling safe.
~Rhee Gold

Next Time

The next time you see a smile on a child’s face because she just learned a new step or tried on her first costume, realize that what you do helps change the world and makes the future brighter.
~Rhee Gold

Let’s Not

Let’s not choreograph fouettés for students unable to do clean, technically correct double pirouettes.
~Rhee Gold

Simple and Smart

When nothing goes right . . . go left!

Pass It Forward

When I am with people whose presence simply brings a smile to my face, I feel good inside. That, in turn, has a positive effect on my attitude, and I find myself bringing a smile to everyone else I come in contact with, It’s sort of the “pass it forward” philosophy – and it works.
~Rhee Gold

Yes, But

Teach yourself to accept compliments instead of responding, “Yes, but…” Change that response to “Thank you-that means a lot to me.” Then take a few seconds (or more) to relish the compliment. And stop believing that others are happier or more successful than you are, because they’re probably in the same boat.
~Rhee Gold

Compliment Instead

Stop asking negative people how they are because they want to tell you!
Instead, offer them a compliment. Tell them that their hair looks nice or what a pleasure it is to see them.
Your compliment probably will make them smile for the first time in a long while.
How positive is that?
~Rhee Gold

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