The Dance is a Poem

Direct Result

What someone else has or does is a direct result of where their life experience has taken them; you cannot recreate it. Your life experience is unique and all your own, leading YOU to where YOU need to be. Don’t let envy become the roadblock to your success. ~Rhee Gold

Too Busy

Success doesn’t happen as a result of bringing someone else down. It comes to those who are too busy to think about what others are up to. ~Rhee Gold

Make Us Stronger

Some days seem like one challenge after the other; I believe that days like this make us stronger and smarter. I’m thinking that today I am so strong I could pick up a house and I’m smarter than I want to be. ~Rhee Gold

Happy People

Happy people attract other happy people. Negative people, well you know the rest of the story. ~Rhee Gold

If You Hear

If you hear someone speak negatively about their friend or family; think about what they might say about you before you jump on their bandwagon. ~Rhee Gold

No Time

There is no time for gossip if you are truly focused on what you want or need to accomplish. ~Rhee Gold


You don’t have to be organized, you must appear to be organized. ~Rhee Gold

Inner Peace

Inner peace is the new success, and inner peace comes from total acceptance of who you are and what you believe in. ~Rhee Gold

Pat Yourself on the Back

Dance teachers . . . know that you followed your dream and that it’s OK to pat yourself on the back! ~Rhee Gold

Commitment = Success

Dance Teachers Let us appreciate our chance to influence future generations to be awesome people who understand that commitment = success. The world needs more of us and them. And yes we do teach dance too. ~Rhee Gold