Beyond Their Years - Rhee Gold

Beyond Their Years

Understand that it’s natural for some parents, especially those who have preschoolers, to think that their children have abilities way beyond their years. ~Rhee Gold

You Are You

Don’t look at other teachers or studio owners and believe that you would be happy if you had what they have. It’s not true! Be happy because you are you. ~Rhee Gold

Your Commitment-Rhee Gold Quote

Your Commitment

No worries, someone may attempt to duplicate your concept, but they can’t duplicate your personality or your commitment. Stay focused on what you must do. ~Rhee Gold

Every Minute-Rhee Gold Quote

Every Minute

Time is a gift, what we do with it is our choice. Being part of the gossip about the teacher or school up the street isn’t helping us progress. Every minute, hour, or day focused on them is a minute, hour, or day that we are not dedicated to our own success. ~Rhee Gold

Don’t Make Exceptions

When a mom or a student challenges your policies, don’t make exceptions even if it means that you lose the student. You have created a philosophy for how you want to run your school. You set up policies that help you and everyone else live up to the philosophy. Believe in who you are and…

Direct Result - Rhee Gold Quote

Direct Result

What someone else has or does is a direct result of where their life experience has taken them; you cannot recreate it. Your life experience is unique and all your own, leading YOU to where YOU need to be. Don’t let envy become the roadblock to your success. ~Rhee Gold

Too Busy

Success doesn’t happen as a result of bringing someone else down. It comes to those who are too busy to think about what others are up to. ~Rhee Gold

If You Hear-Rhee Gold Quote

If You Hear

If you hear someone speak negatively about their friend or family; think about what they might say about you before you jump on their bandwagon. ~Rhee Gold

Organized - Rhee Gold


You don’t have to be organized, you must appear to be organized. ~Rhee Gold

Pat Yourself on the Back - Rhee Gold

Pat Yourself on the Back

Dance teachers . . . know that you followed your dream and that it’s OK to pat yourself on the back! ~Rhee Gold

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