YOUR Studio

Be strong enough to stick to your beliefs and policies. Respect your expertise when it comes to directing YOUR studio YOUR way! ~Rhee Gold

Show Business

Remember show business is two words. Never neglect the business side. ~Melanie Hedden-Perron

Skeptics Told Me

Skeptics told me that dance teachers and school owners were too competitive to share their knowledge. My instincts told me that wasn’t true. 20 years later, the truth is dance people embrace the chance to communicate and to celebrate their common bond.~Rhee Gold

Build Our Future

In most schools the preschool and recreational dancers are the foundation on which we build our future. For them learning their first “shuffle” or “pas de bourrée” is happiness. As teachers we need to know that dance brings joy to all who experience it. ~Rhee Gold

Powerful Reactions

Freedom to keep our mouth shut just may be the best freedom of them all! Confidence in who we are and what we believe is the most powerful of all reactions, guaranteed! ~Rhee Gold

Customer Loyalty

Whatever your plan for maintaining customer loyalty might be, you can be sure that satisfied customers make for satisfied business owners. You owe it to yourself to keep your clients—and yourself—happy. – Rhee Gold

Family Budget

Parents will do all they can to include dance lessons in their family budget if they believe in you and your school, and if they believe that what you offer is good for their children. – Rhee Gold

10 Times

It is 10 times more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. – Rhee Gold

Dedicated Dance People

I meet so many dedicated dance people who are workaholics. They never make the time to simply stop, to “turn off the dance” for a while. Some feel guilty just thinking about it and others think they’ll fall behind. Let it go—you deserve time for yourself. – Rhee Gold

Last Recital

Your fall registration will only be as good as your last recital. ~Sherry Gold